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been down all week. hoping to feel more positive soon.

Warning for furries: A production company is sending a deceptive casting call for a film that appears to be a furry documentary but is actually a hateful smear film.

It's the same deceptive tactic Matt Walsh used to trick trans people into appearing in "What is a Woman". They want to do the same for furries.

Please be careful and warn others!

How did the hacker get away from the police?

She ransomware.

NSFW art, intersex jackals 

I'm pretty flexible about my OC's gender - though he's mostly male most of the time, there's a side headcanon where he's an actual ancient demi-god pharaoh, a benevolent dictator that takes sadistic pleasure in playing tricks to slaves and peasants. Some 3 years ago I got a wonderful pic of him in his throne room, and have recently managed to get a spot from the same artist for another (yet simpler in style) picture of said jackal :Blobhaj: #FurryArt #Anubis

it's wide dragon Wednesday post your wide dragons


Forced transformation.

Caged, heavy shackles and chains keeping you pinned to the floor.

Hand-paws cuffed behind your back. Tongue sticking out between a sharp set of fangs as you pant heavily.

Your own face isn't recognizable anymore, reflecting in the mirror hanging by the side of the cage.

Day by day, bit by bit, humanity slips further away from you.

You're becoming an animal and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Nobody's coming to save you.

Original link:

#Furry #Transformation #TF #TFTuesday #TFEveryday #Transfur #NSFW #Bondage

Content Warning: Contains Human to Pokemon Transformation 

Commission: Maternal Monster
No new art to show for #TFTuesday so instead have a older headshot commission from themselves into the mighty mother Kangaskhan.

Cartoon Violence, Immolation 

It begins. Our time has come at last! Let the world tremble... Happy Year of the Rabbit!!

#furry #furryart #mastoart #comicstrip #comic #bunny #YearOfTheRabbit #LunarNewYear

nsfw, furry, celebrate the new year ;) 

happy lunar new year! 🐱 🐰
hope to see some great tfs this year. and overall i hope this year goes well!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! It's the year of the rabbit, but in Vietnam it's the year of the cat, so I included both cuties 🐇🌙 🐈.

#MastoArt #LunarNewYear #ComicArt

attention all cats (and anyone else, but cats especially) 

Happy Lunar New Years! 🥳

AND, while it is the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese Zodiac, it is ALSO the Year of the Cat on the Vietnamese Zodiac. So, be your best cat self! :blobcatsip:

You may resume your nappies, zoomies, and critter-watching.

Please feel free to take what you need.

furry costume designs and monster costume designs converge even more every day.

Talking (preaching) about sex and kink 

The thing I most badly want people to understand about sex in general, and kink in particular, is that you are ABSOLUTELY ALLOWED to cherry pick. You do NOT need to buy into a whole concept, you can take exactly those elements you like about something and only do those. What you do doesn't neatly have to fit into an established category that has a name to be valid. What turns you on doesn't need to be consistent with anything, it just needs to turn you on. There are very few rules and limitations besides consent.

#kink #sex #OpenMind

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