nsfw chest pic but also a shitpost, happy non-binary day 

"New year, new yous" the computer helpfully chimes in my ear as my cloning vat slowly drains.

lewd meta 

Ever notice how many zebras there are in comparison to horses in

So uh... Nick Wilde is supposed to be attractive, right?

I posted a YCH pinup auction on FA~
Trying to save up for a service dog! 💪

Please take a look!


🚨 Okay, new people and new accounts, please remember: 🚨

A lot of us are wary at letting strangers follow us, ESPECIALLY if you have not interacted.

1. Have at least a couple toots visible.
2. Fill out your profile.
3. At least fave a toot. (I prefer actual interaction, but I think some people accept favs as a minimum)


Yes my username is both a dick joke -and- an InfoSec joke.

That's the kind of horny nerd I am.

So uh, the lizard men from she-ra are pretty cute.

That's common knowledge though right?

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