lewd, sexual performance 

Anyone else like it when a man cant hold back and cums prematurely?

NSFW Furry Art, M/M 

“Ala sasatry ny mpifankatia” (“Lovers’ rest”)


After a day of running around the seaside resort town of Mahavelona with their photographer friend Ando to fill out Mijoro’s modelling portfolio, Mijoro and Onja finally manage retire to their bungalow to enjoy what this vacation was really for.

#ErkhyanArt #Art_NSFW

Wondering what the main.tf deployment file will transform me into.


so uh...

sexy werewolves...

*claps, cheers, and applause*


okay well i suppose until i can get this figured out

go follow @boltund (that's me)

and @TalonTide (thats Sunny)

consider this a reminder to take your meds and practice some self compassion

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kink shitpost, d/s 

thinking about being overpowered and subdued ;o;

[NSFW] foxy gal with her legs spread on a bed, ec 

This is Kaji, a minor background character form my XEN comic that someone added to my suggestions spreadsheet.

This doubled as an experiment working with a limited colour palette.

#furryart #yiff

She don't eat meat
but she do like the bone

i've decided i'm gonna make a post here too about this to cover my bases, i'm sorry to ask Again but i don't know what else to do

my partner and i need to raise $1550 to pay to move our storage container from CO to TN, we Just moved so we don't have any funds to do so. the storage place that has our container can only keep it until september, and if we can't pay to move it by then, we may lose Everything we couldn't bring with us

i'm still looking for a job and have gone to several interviews, but still haven't been hired

i currently have discounted commissions open, info below

anything helps, and i appreciate everyone's help up with all our moving stuff

paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote


Who doesn't love the feeling of falling deeper and deeper into a trance?

Becoming more and more open to any instructions.

horse levels are 00% and falling

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

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