I posted a YCH pinup auction on FA~
Trying to save up for a service dog! 💪

Please take a look!

my favorite pokemon evolution lines are the ones that can be read as gender transistion send post


🚨 Okay, new people and new accounts, please remember: 🚨

A lot of us are wary at letting strangers follow us, ESPECIALLY if you have not interacted.

1. Have at least a couple toots visible.
2. Fill out your profile.
3. At least fave a toot. (I prefer actual interaction, but I think some people accept favs as a minimum)

gender stuff/tf stuff 


Yes my username is both a dick joke -and- an InfoSec joke.

That's the kind of horny nerd I am.

So uh, the lizard men from she-ra are pretty cute.

That's common knowledge though right?

You can just be a fox girl online if you want. No one can stop you.

Does anyone else like when the hot Mormons show up at your door?

"👀" is "owo" for people who aren't furries change my mind


Hey Triz, always good to see you around

Affection/kinda horny 

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