hypnokink, i made a videogame that hypnotizes you, nsfw 

come play a BDSM Arcade Game that hypnotizes you and then punishes you for failing in horny ways it's really hot and cool


note: technically i did not make this game. i am helping run this company but my co-conspirator made and developed this! however they are anonymous so I do the announcements and promotion here hehe.

I will hopefully make my own games soon! be on the lookout

How long has it been since I've been hypnotized?

I miss it

I like my queers like I like my coffee

Making me shaky and giving me a weird feeling in my stomach

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A friend linked me to a very horny steam game called Tribal Hunter and there are some cute characters

lewd-adjacent imagery 

🎶 Makin' girls wet cus they're thinkin' 'bout my fangs around their neck 🎶

Anyone else think hilichurls are cute and deserve better?

I'm horny. Not enough to do anything about it, but enough to want things to be done to me.

Should I get a choker collar?


feel like suckin a dick today tbh

Any of y'all bitches wanna give me smooches rather than work?

lewd, legit question. 

Why is nobody doing video reviews for sex toys?

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