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*me zooming in on the butt*

"Mhm, yep... That is a butt...

*Zooms in a little more*

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Hey folks!

Quick announcement:

Thicc.Horse is open to new users!

We're looking for lovely creatures that need an adult space to explore themselves and share the things they love!

Lewd not rude!
Horny on main!

❤️ Sex positive
❤️ Body positive
❤️ Furry

We've got room right now! Please boost and share with folks that may be interested!

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Meta: Kink thoughts/discussions 

One of my favorite things is having people with uncommon kinks describe to me what they like about it.

There's so many kinks that I just don't understand the appeal. Its really cool to hear from folks that are wired so differently. Usually by the end I have a greater understanding and can find parallels and comparisons to my own experiences and "get it".

It's just really neat

NSFW, Poll, simulated knife play 

What are your thoughts on images and video with fake/simulated knife play?

(Prop knives, fake blood, fake threats of knife violence, etc...)

Silly, pet play ideas, NSFW? 

I would totally watch a lighthearted movie about a wannabe superhero who doesn't have a costume and so they use their pup hood.

Eventually by the end the bad guys are like "oh shit watch out it's GOOD BOY!"

and our protagonist would say corny stuff like "I always sniff out crime"

Perhaps some other vigilantes each with their own kink and punny-names

Horse, Joke, Fake medical stuff, no gore, photomanipulation 

Yes, I was looking up references for drawing and got very distracted again...


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Horse, Joke, Fake medical stuff, no gore, photomanipulation 

I found this poor horse in a sorry state (I believe they call it humpy-dumpty syndrome???)

After some serious medical intervention, we've stitched them all up.

Don't worry, they just had a checkup at the vet, she's doing much better now!

Anyone have an opinion on a maker who can make vegan custom collars?

NSFW: Text, Sextoys 

Bird app didn't have any useful responses, so asking here.

If I was looking for a fuck machine (because my ass has been empty lately) that delivers to the UK, is there any brand in particular I should look out for?

Long stroke lengths and value for money are pluses~

lewdposting, sausage 

she's a cheap little breakfast sausage if you know what I mean

If you're a plushie maker or fursuit artist, chances are that some of your creations need whiskers to look their best. Nylon fishing line works great for whiskers and is easy to work with, once you know the trick.

Fishing line has a tendency to curl together on itself, especially towards the end of the roll. There's an easy fix to that. Simply submerge the line in hot water (not boiling), and the line will immediately relax and straighten out.

NSFW, ScentPlay, Musk, Body odor 

Scents that would blend well with me:

Base notes:
wood smoke, dirt, cinnamon

Mid notes:
(subtle) vanilla, caramel

Top notes:
Grass, citrus

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NSFW, ScentPlay, Musk, Body odor 

A serious whiff doesn't "stick" in the nose that well. You have to take a few sniffs to really get it, first things I notice is that its oh so very close to lots of smells but not quite identifiable. It always feels like perhaps with one more sniff you'll be able to decide what it is.

Its earthy, perhaps some mild wood and vegetation? it's a middling scent. Think a dense forest a few days after a rain, damp earth.

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NSFW, ScentPlay, Musk, Body odor 

I figured I'd try something out, Here's some thoughts on how I smell right before a shower:

I smell... Interesting... my scent has changed a lot over the years. I still have some of that darker acrid scent that I've (personally) noticed on generally masculine bodies, although there's certainly some noticeable sweetness and more of a rounded mild scent that I've (personally) noticed on generally feminine bodies. Which makes sense with my current HRT levels.

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NSFW, meta talk? ScentPlay, Musk, Body odor 

Folks that are really into scents, do you feel that you're missing out on important info?

I often see folks say things like "I'm so musky" or "I like stinky things" or "body odor can be nice"

But that's pretty open ended isn't it? I get how that could be pretty nice as an *insert your preferred scent here* but there's lots of different scents out there!

hornypost, topping 

babe if you want me to fill your ass, you're gonna have to stretch better 😌

Lewd, wtf 

Pretty disappointed that there's no hardware mods to fuck a GameCube!

Lewd, silly thoughts, WTF 

Imagine this:

We get a bunch of folks with dicks, line them up side by side, get em' hard as heck, and play them like a xylophone!

other cute games like to secretly have dark and/or sad undertones but we went in a different direction with our cute game,,, -c

warning - extreme weirdness levels detected

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□

More lewd things 

Nothing turns me on like making someone else cum

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