my good bud is playing schmups casually rn, check it out if that's your speed

Nsfw, calling all tops, free art! 

Hey TOPS who might want me to draw their sona topping a character I'm tryna design?

completed pride icon for @ouroboros

kobolds are so much fun to draw no wonder they're popping up everywhere!

i'm still open for these for $20! dm if interested

if anyone knows of some good MTF voice filters let me know.

my default natural voice is fine as long as I don't have to hear it, but I wanna do some stuff where I'll have to, and I'm not in a situation where I can do voice training properly.


feewin wike a fweak on a weesh owo


there aren't enough images of characters jerking off together without actually having sex. social masturbation or whatever you'd call it is hot af.

Should I post my lewd furry art?

NSFW furry art: dancing gryphon guy 

Commission for  Smooth moves, best dressed.

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