Three months before the Gala of Lewd Polaroids you tussle with Margarette U. Corlee, a willing airline clerk.

sending big love out today to all the trans people getting misgendered daily but still finding the strength to keep on getting out there.

nsfw furry porn!! big alligator dude wants you to put on a cool collar. also, his dick's out 

you WILL wear the collar. this is non-negotiable. in fact it's the only way I can get off, thanks

#POLL about the mental thinking, please boost for accuracy

If/When you talk to yourself in your head, do you refer to yourself in the...?


just imagine you're hanging out with a bug girl and she's all quiet and cuddly, and then you watch as she unfolds her huge, colorful wings, covered in spirals, spirals that almost look like eyes, gosh you could just, you could just keep staring at them, there's so many patterns, it almost looks like they're moving

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If any of you need a reference, I would be more than happy to verify your horny posting.

Hope you get that position you were hoping for.

In a damp hotel you kiss Tim, a genderqueer crowtwink.

Clubbing Story 

One time it was karaoke night at the club and I was suuuper fucked up (damn friendly ass lesbians kept buying me drinks *shakes fist*) and this guy gets up stage and is really putting on a show and at one point he pulls up his shirt to show his abs and One Whole Nipple and I screamed so loud almost fell over.

Thinking of a type of guy that often says "chill out bro, it was only a prank!" and the prank is that he did nothing at all.

nsfw furry art, boys making out (and then some), that sweet sweet fox on skunk action 

can't remember if i posted this old thing on this account yet and i'm too lazy to check pfft

synthi x korki, because why nOT :blobeyes:

nsfw furry porn!! boy in shibari 

Patreon reward for myokehn ( )!

i'm always worried that I'm drawing shibari incorrectly but it's just ropes so how hard could it be

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