I need hypnosis music 🎶

Anyone have suggestions for music with suggestions?

Why do they put taurine in energy drinks if it doesn't TF you into a taur?

I guess it's obvious that I'm feeling a certain type of way today 😅


Ever make a horny post and the more it's boosted and liked the more horny you become?

Ho no! What would happen if that post really blew up and everybody kept boosting it?

Lewd, hypnosis, monsters 

Ever think of cosmic beings and their silent siren song? Reminding you to sleep, caressing your thoughts and clearing your mind. Ready to dream, ready for sleep they lull you deeper. How do you resist something you cannot even see?

I'm sure after a nap you'll have an answer.

Lewd, hypnosis 

Really want my mind turned to static. An ebb and flow of white noise and serene relaxation. In fact so relaxing that you don't even pay attention to your surroundings. Anything could happen, anything at all would be fine.

Weightless and floating in a sea of static.

nsfw furry porn!! sheep and a bat doing p. standard PIV stuff. you can't see it but the bat's got cute tits 

Patreon reward for dragonmemelord ( furaffinity.net/user/dragonmem )!

bathing in the afterglow

mild lewd 

Y'know when u just rly wanna lay back and have someone on top of you heavily make out with u

lewd, nsfw 

horny but don't want to fap,,, need a dom 🥺

lewd adj. 

Eating almonds kinda reminds me of good tasting semen.

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