oh hey
it’s been a minute hasn’t it?

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just realized I can’t change my username
and I used this same username on like 10 instances

ok here we go

hello , my name is jamie ! I'm 18 y/o who currently lives on the internet, idk what i really plan on doing thus far.

I'm a learning developer, musician, music nerd, aspiring (aka trying) writer, and et cetera.

pronouns: they/any
loc: Houston, tx
hobbies: everything

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I bought a blindfold for kink but so far I just use it to sleep in total darkness lol

this is my first time on mastodon (I've has this acct for a couple months) so I'm half lost and half ultra anxious rn

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Tfw when a "punishment" kink group tells you you're too hardcore 💀💀💀 where are all the sick fucks supposed to go!!!!

Thicc Horse

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