sex video, mursuit, puphood 

Breaking in the futon with a very cute pink puppy at our friend's new place.

Mursuit nude 

Been a while since i posted anything anywhere. I have a lack of new content because it cold dark and awful this time of year.


Nude puphood 

There was a pavilion that smelled like food

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Nude puphood 

Just had to roll around in the sand!

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Puphood nude 

Found a cool stream to get a drink.

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Nude puphood 

A few months back i want to the park! I get some nice pics and shortd videos I'd like to share

Public lockerroom. Nude 

just waiting for my gym buddy...

Nude puphood 

Finally relaxing after a brutal workweek, just need some belly rubs and all will be good

Nude puphood 

Every good pup like the occasional sprawl

Nude, short vid. Pup hood 

I love being a good boy!

Nude, puphood 

Remember when it was a little bit nice out? I do!

Bulge, belly, being needy 

I require belly rubs, usually always. Thank you


Alternate version of a previously posted pic where I may or may not have been in trouble. photographer: @MasterSarge and crew.

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