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nsfw video, tease, tummy, dick 

Pyjamas are cosy, but sometimes they get in the way.

Would you rather this was my hand caressing your body, or your hand on mine?

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nsfw introduction 

Time for my long-overdue

I'm a kinky pansexual guy in my mid-20s, living in the hellscape that is the UK. I'm a switch - usually more on the dominant side, but sometimes fierce women make me melt.

I'm a tech nerd, and my job involves doing cursed shit to computers - but this account isn't about that!

I love sharing pics of my body, and maybe someday I'll show off what I do to other people's bodies 😈


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nsfw, tummy 

Damn, this pic came out better than expected.

The only thing missing is for someone cute to cum on me 🤤

For someone who doesn't like eye contact much, I sure do love eye contact

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joshie should get a chastity cage, only allowed out as decided by fedi polls


you know what they say, the armpits are the windows to the soul

Anyone know which pet stores sell catboys?

(asking for a friend)

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kink, terrible joke 

chastity subs can have a little Mr Brightside, as a treat.



(cumming out of their cage)

drugs but not really 

doing lines of coffee powder in the bathroom

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drugs but not really 

tripping on caffeine rn

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lewd vid, ec 

ok maybe time to release this one into the world hope y'all like it


I woke up horny this morning and I am *still* horny. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

sometimes I can't remember whether I already sent a follow request to someone or not - if I ever end up sending multiple, sorry, it's not intentional

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Guess who just posted an over five minute video of her coming on onlyfans :pikaSmug:


livestreaming installing arch on my twinkpad

(nude but with laptop covering strategic areas)

(I will almost certainly never do this but it's fun to think about nonetheless)

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lewd, tummy 

"lenowo twinkpad" is probably my favorite caption I have ever seen on anything ever

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re: when someone disses your programming font 

*crowd booing*

*objects thrown onto stage*

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when someone disses your programming font 

ligature balls

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