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I knew i was a lesbian before i knew i was trans, and other sentences that cis people can't wrap their head around

the fucking euphoria i get from using a card with my actual name on it 💜💜

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on banning guns 

if you support banning guns, you trust cops to carry guns, and you don't trust me and the girls.

banning a thing doesn't make a thing disappear. banning a thing means more power to cops. that ban has to be enforced by someone, and that someone is cops.

if you think trans girls are safer when cops are the only ones who can have guns, when cops get a legal pretext to arrest or shoot us for it, you are at the very least deeply mistaken.

so gun control propaganda on my TL will get you *at least* silenced. same goes for propaganda for drug bans, hijab bans, brothel bans, or any other ban that would increase the power of the State over marginalised bodies.

*this toot is not an invitation for debate and if you reply to this post arguing for more cop empowerment, the answer will be a mute.

by the way, happy belated birthday to david lynch, who turned 77 2 days ago

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john waters and david lynch were born three months apart and every day i fear we may lose one or both of them

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Allow me to suggest a few of my favorite subgenders:

leather dyke
hacker girl
party girl
goth girl
indie music girl
kinda-sorta a girl
outdoors girl
demon girl 😈
that girl when you really needed one
girl that gives you makeup
girl that offers you hormones
girl you wanna be when you grow up
girl you always were

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saving a russian meme because i think it's funny but then realizing literally nobody i know would get it. like it would take a few explanations for anyone who doesn't speak russian to even understand the joke. and like, it's not *that* funny tbh

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Happy year of the rabbit (NSFW, rabbit mask) 

Why not smooch a little bunny today for new years luck? Lots of soft spots waiting for that attention 😘

meta, 'food' cw 

people complaining about cws on food pictures: that's gonna be a block from me

thoughts on a dirty shame (spoilers) (cont) 

it's like the scenes that should have been shocking just weren't, because it was just kind of more of the same thing that's in the rest of the movie. there are a lot of good scenes, and classic waters moments, but the entire movie together has less texture than pea soup. even a cameo of the hoff where his literal shit gives a man a concussion didn't save it.

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thoughts on a dirty shame (spoilers) (cont), lewd ref 

the FUCKING lines
"I know fat fuck frank is a titty man, but does he ever... whistle in the dark?" "oh, yes he does mama, thank you for asking!",
"I clapped my hands as loud as i could and said 'there will be NO sucking dick here!' ...and they laughed! One of them growled at me!"
and so many fucking other lines that should add up to a classic waters picture, but just... don't.

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thoughts on a dirty shame (spoilers) 

like, a dirty shame has everything a john waters movie should have, and so many things in it are really fucking good: a cult of sex addicts based around a 'sexual healer' who gets poisoned with prozac and healed with RUSH-branded poppers? yes please.
a suburban housewife who gets a head injury and converts to a life of hedonistic sexual indulgence? check.

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john waters movies 

i watched 'a dirty shame' last night and 'cecil b demented' tonight.
i have so many thoughts about both, but in general, cecil b demented is an incredible movie, while a dirty shame just... isn't good.

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drug poll 

yeah i took them right when i made this poll so good choice, yall

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