I spoke with a game programmer at a conference recently, and the topic of how to store save data came up. He said he stores non-sensitive info just as json or xml, including certain game states and player position. My response was asking if he wasn't concerned with people cheating, to which is replied

"Why? Cheating is fun."

And you know what? I agree. Cheating is fun, and people who don't want it can stay clear quite easily.

#gamedev #gaming #videogames

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Just a tgirl that tops looking for tgirls that bottom

#Tgirl #Nsfw #Trans #Mtf #Porn #Transporn #Girldick

nerd rant 

TIL yaml is even more shit (see: noyaml.com)

on the plus side it made me look for alternatives and i found kdl.dev which looks really nice

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I filmed this just after new year, and it took me until now to edit it. It was hard because there were so many good bits lol, the final video is still almost 5 minutes long!

This was after I didn't cum for 3 days, I think you can see and hear how much I needed that release 🤭

nerd rant 

If you want a configuration format that people are going to edit by hand, JSON is not the right choice.

nsfw, dick, tummy 

Anyone wanna snuggle up? I'll try not to let my cock get in the way too much...


the sunlight looks so much better on my skin, I need to take more photos outdoors

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