Finally made it to our new place in southern California!


The move is stressful but I'm still around! We'll be in California in three weeks!!!

Genitals, toys 

I changed to a dildo that stays in place better. I'm getting my libido back!!

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Genitals, toys 

Weed made me really horny today so uhhh gonna wear a plug in my BUSSY while I eat dinner

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I've been super busy getting ready for the move! We finally got an apartment and are working on getting a moving service lined up

The boy is going to be away next week so I'll probably post more to keep busy

Been keeping busy with job hunting and apartment hunting. The move is coming up on us quick. Only a few months and we'll be in California

Thanks for the follows everyone ❀️


I'll be fine but I'm annoyed by the setback

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Thank you for all the follows and being so respectful toward me! It's nice to have a safe space to share my body

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