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Hello! You can call me daze. I'm a new/exploring furry(??)! I like finding new music so feel free to send me music recs whenever you want. I draw a little bit but never really drew furries before. I want to try and practice hard! Let's have fun and be horny on main?! Nice to meet you!


My friend has been offline for 3 days and I'm lonely LMAO this is the part where I realize I literally have 1 semi stable friendship and no other close or meaningful relationships orz I suck

does doing squats really help with getting a nice butt because if it's true maybe I will... do more squats :)

trans tmi/genital talk 

I might have to stop taking testosterone because I think my pussy is suffering lmao... I accidentally scratched myself playing around with my fingers and the skin broke so easy it's scary... I don't even have long nails or anything. And I know there's like local estrogen I could use like a vaginal cream/suppository but idk if I wanna do that. I might have to anyway but I guess I should really see a doctor about it 😭😭😭

if I wanted to practice drawing furries more and advertise cheapo commissions to do it where would be the best place to advertise... should I make an acct on furaffinity or smth

Date went well ^__^ had fun drunk times lmao

Accidentally made a date for saturday night but hopefully it's ok... Probably won't turn into sexy times which is fine. Maybe we'll become normal friends

I downloaded gr*ndr again because I have a day off coming up and I would LOVE to suck some dick.... So just.... preparing in advance.... lol

Thinking about ordering a thrusting dildo as an xmas gift for myself LMAO I worked really hard this year!!!! I'll maybe order one in November if I still feel like it....

this is a stupid meme but it gave me a good laugh LMAO

watching clam videos and now thinking about nsfw clam monsters bc clam foot looks like a good nsfw tentacle monster type thing lmao

Ngl thinking of downloading grindr again. I don't have time to meet people anyway and there's too much covid here but I really wanna suck dick and get cum all over me damn...

but seriously I do wanna just suck a dick rn... I need to find me a vaccinated fwb

the thing I like about thicc horse is I can come on here and be like "I wanna eat a dick" and it's fine LMAO idk anywhere else on the web I can be this free hahahahahha

My scented candle is making my room smell so good it makes me wanna get more candles but I'm trying not to collect too much stuff bc I gotta move in the next several months sigh

I don't wanna work I just wanna be a trophy boy toy for a billionaire and then scam him out of 5 billion dollars idk

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pants levels are currently severe

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

I'm trying to move but I might have to straight up move to a different area/state because everything around here is too expensive... I just wanna live in a studio ffs

tfw "affordable housing" still costs 50% of your monthly income 💀

I've been wanting to have sex again lately but the covid cases around here are crazy so it's a bad idea to meet anyone 🥴

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