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Hello! You can call me daze. I'm a new/exploring furry(??)! I like finding new music so feel free to send me music recs whenever you want. I draw a little bit but never really drew furries before. I want to try and practice hard! Let's have fun and be horny on main?! Nice to meet you!

boring irl stuff, dysmorphia(?) things 

I ordered large size uniform pants based on the waist measurements the company told me but then I look at these shorts I own which are a different/smaller waist measurement that fits me ?!?!?! and now I'm wondering if I fucked up and am gonna be wearing extra baggy pants because I suck at perceiving my body... I even used a tape measure but what if I did it wrong lmao

Now that I'm horny again I wish I wasn't lol I'm getting less sleep and I'm distracted at work 😬😔

I successfully sexted with other horny people last night but now I'm at work sleep deprived and not doing too hot lol I need to sleep for 9 hrs tonight

I'm sooo horny tempted to find some perverts to sext with

Didn't use enough lube and now my cunt hurts damn

masturbation tmi 

I'm so depressed I just masturbated to monster fucking fantasies for like 3 hours and didn't even cum

wondering if I should take this sketch and make it nicer 🤪

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more trans masc things (TMI) 

it's been 100 days since my last period~~ LOL good riddance 🥳

trans masc things 

it's also a tank-style binder which a year ago would have made me feel dysphoric because I'm short so men's tanks wear like dresses on me LMAO but these days I feel okay :] even if I look normal to other people I can be happy feeling gender non-conforming to myself.

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trans masc things 

I got a new binder and it's HELL to put on and take off LMAOO still haven't quite figured out how to rearrange things in a way that feels comfortable and looks flat enough but it's super comfortable after it's on! I need to work out my arms because putting that thing on is like fighting a resistance band 😭 and then I'll need to get used to wearing it for longer so I can wear it at work...

masturbation tmi 

forced myself to cum via vibrator and it's like 10-20 mins later and I still haven't recovered the grip strength in my hands lol

I think my kinks went deeper down the edge play rabbit hole bc I just read a thing about hostage situations and I felt turned on like a weirdo 💀

once covid is under control the first thing I wanna do is get railed by a big dick!!!

I miss being horny bc it distracted my depressed brain most of the time /sigh

I've been trying to feel a sex drive again but I feel like I've lost interest in my old kinks and idk where to go from here haha (sweating)

tmi sex talk lmaoo 

help I'm binge reading r/relationships and I just read a nightmare story about a gross creepy dude and it reminded me of that time I hooked up with a guy who was actually quite nice and when we were cuddling after having a bunch of sex I randomly told him I was lucky he wasn't a crazy rapist murderer and later on my way home I realized I didn't even know if he was married or some shit eerruuggghhhhh

I went back and looked at some horny writing I made earlier in the year and it made me realize how low my sex drive has been lately lol

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