I'm a person who wants a lot of things, and right now it's to frot with someone until we both cum all over them.

nude tits 

Had to make shitty decisions today, please look at and boost my tits to bring me strength :sparkles_trans:

nsfw lewd teasing 

It’s amazing what no bra and a single undone button can do to an outfit

Self awareness and self improvement are so, so sexy

Asking for Advice, OnlyFans and SW 

I've been wanting to start an OnlyFans for a long time, but now I am going to have to because of money problems.

Does anyone have any advice they'd like to share about OF and SW in general? I am completely new to this and need a lot of guidance. I am neurodiverse and that impacts my ability to make accurate conclusions about people and situations that neurotypial people make naturally, so I appreciate any help/advice I can get. 💖

lewd, demanding @reader 

Good Morning. Yeah, it's a little early, the alarm won't go for like, a half hour still, which gives me plenty of time to go down on you. Spread your legs.

Selfie, eye contact, naked posing with a blanket, lewd domination and submission talk (divine, domme) 

It sure would be nice to have a warm, willing vessel between my legs to receive me and worship me. 🔥

topless selfie, ec 

It's actually kinda wild to me that I haven't posted an office selfie to this account yet? Anyway, have a great... time, of day you're in.

lewd website (not this one), just sort of wtf 

It's technically my birthday (please do not wish me a happy birthday, I celebrate in June), and alongside emails with "5-dollar off!" coupons from every restaurant I've ordered online from in the last year I also got 150 "passion points"? From Trans-Passions.net? A dating/hookup website that I was on a lot maybe 12 years ago? Haven't thought about it in forever, swear I signed up to it thru Hotmail, don't know why they're in my shit after a decade.

lewd, exercise, phrased jokingly but not a lie 

My fitness goals are to have the kind of arms and abs that make subbies want to kiss and lick them and make dommies want to show me I'm not so tough. [: ]-)

microsmut, dom, harem, bondage, denial 


I blink slowly as I drift awake. Did I pass out? The last thing I remember is Mistress filling me with her cum. I smile slightly at the memory, my cheek rubbing softly against the silk sheets.

Wait, silk? My eyes snap open. I was sleeping in Mistress's bed. Fuckfuckfuck...

"Enjoy your rest, my toy?"

I panic, scrambling to get up, my hands slipping on the smooth fabric, tumbling off the edge of the bed toward the hardwood floor.


boob update :blobcatcoffee:
Getting blockers got me some fast progress :3
daily dose is 1/4 bica pill and 2x 1/2 E2 pill sublingual

text @ reader 


You're clearly very hot.
I'm clearly very hot.

We should go to a park and make out about it.

"you", kink, degrading? or is it affirmation? 

You have to understand it's not your prowess that drew me to you, it was your weakness. You think I couldn't sense it? That I couldn't smell it? That vulnerability hiding beneath everything else. I do not care what you can do, I do not crave what you can do, I crave what you are when you are stripped bare of everything. Your skills, your abilities, are mere trinkets compared to the jewel that is your need.

I like girls in ties and boys in skirts.

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