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NSFW text, maybe? 

Hi! Call me wyrm.
I am non-binary/agender and my pronouns are they/them, please.
I love masks and find them to be very empowering and sensual! I like taking photos of myself in the masks I make and collect. I want to share what I like and maybe find other folks who enjoy it too 8) say hi!
I am a creator in the furry-sphere and humbly request to keep what I have here and my other content separate if you are familiar with it. Thank you!!

Self awareness and self improvement are so, so sexy

NSFW nudity 

y’all are kind to hare!
I made this mask. It is one of my faves 😊


i got some big 🐈 crystals yesterday and i can't stop thinking about how it would feel to crunch them up in my teeth (gross)(wasteful)(a good stim)

photo of legs … 

baths are nice, and so are my legs! I think they’re pretty decent at least

Little mini shrine space tonight, maybe it’ll resonate with you a bit too.

Happy year of the rabbit (NSFW, rabbit mask) 

Why not smooch a little bunny today for new years luck? Lots of soft spots waiting for that attention 😘

i say a sex word 

i just want to get Railed so I can forget about being sad. :)

drug use 

went out to the social bar with friends and had a few big pours, came home while still tipsy and had a bump of K and a couple hits of weed, now i am horny and floaty, sooomeone come give me a touch and let me melt into you ...

drug use 

i did some ketamine on my flight home last night in the airplane bathroom, i just love the novelty of enjoying it in really stupid places??

have you had a drug snack in any exciting spaces?

NSFW, sex talk, nude photo, baphomet mask 

made myself a new mask and debuted it this weekend. Then I got fucked in it. 🌞 not without getting groped and fondled all night in public for all go see (if they were wise to it) beforehand, of course.
Hope you like this one … I sure do! It’s very affirming. This mask demands attention and worship which is new to me but I am here for it, lol.

NSFW, nude photo, goat mask 

(I do not have this mask anymore but it was a fun look and one I am working on myself ;)) bwehhhh

Its been really nice reading all your interactions here! Thank you so much 😊 sharing has been a confidence building exercise for me!

Kind of wanting to have a lil conversation while I work today … AMA (ask me anything)? Play nice! Let’s chat!

outfit plans, mask mock-up, boobs in lingerie? 

working on something new 🤫😍

a bonequest/jerkcity comic lol 

reading all the nice interactions I get from sharing stuff with you all here,

with this going thru my head at the same time 🌞🌞🌞

NSFW, nude selfie, tummy and boobs 

idk, my shape is cute! I want someone to gently rub my sides and smooch my tummy. That is all!

Do I have any furry followers who are going to be at FC next week ... ?!

artistic nudity, drawn artwork, rabbit masks 

happy Year of the Rabbit ;3

some of my artwork from a few years ago

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