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:ms_wave_paw_k1: hello! i go by a couple names but i prefer to be called either sage or sinnerhouse.

any pronouns except she/her or sie/hir. if you're stuck, dae/daem, they/them, and he/him are my main ones!

my main is @sinnerhouse , but I try to be at least semi-active here as well. I post a lot about self inserts and selfshipping, as well as various things you probably wouldn't wanna see while at work.

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I have my account locked to prevent bad-faith fellows and underage folks following me, but if you'd like to follow me and I'm not following you first or we haven't interacted before on my main, just send me a DM so I can confirm you are 18+ and I'd be comfortable interacting with you.

This account is a personal space so I am doing as much as I can to ensure it stays safe for me, but don't feel discouraged from interacting - I try to be a generally nice person. :ms_smile:

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i just think shaw absolutely deserves getting to diddle all my guardians because, yes. also reyes gets around. he deserves to be a whore, semi-direct quote from a friend

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hehehehh. well. i was gonna write something sweet between one of my main guardian ocs, reyes, and shaw han, but oops now my brain has turned slut mode on


Your big old lion from the lumber yard finally came home! It's time to make them feel very comfortable~

Wake up next to them in the morn early with the continuation picture by supporting my work at
General info -

Nsfw furry art, erection 

“You sure walked in at a weird time, haha...”

Shares and interactions mean the world <33

nsfw furry porn!! well, it's a weird robot, does that count as furry? anyway she's tied up and getting vibratored 

Patreon reward for WrongEnd!

I don't know why you'd do this to a robot but it looks like fun anyway

nsfw furry porn!! bat-dragon dude flashes his DICK 

Patreon reward for MonstaYeen ( )!

surprised he can get those down with those big ol wing hands

nsfw furry porn!! a bird cums in another bird. There's a LOT of cum. 

FFF commission for anon!

BORN TO CUM / WORLD IS AN EGG / 鬼神 Fuck Em All 2021 / I am sex man / 410,757,864,530 SPERM CELLS

nsfw furry porn!! gator dude's tied up and getting his gut grabbed by a chubby dog girl 

FFF commission for abc163 ( )!

got a gator, what are you gonna do if not touch it a bunch

drugs tw! an avali smokes weed 

Commission for ponyidle on twitter!

Kataris 02/21/2021
an avali smoking weed is literally rimworld-core

hellooooo ive been playing destiny2 a lot again

dw ive still been kinda Saucy

ive been writing some saucy selfship d2 fics here and there :ms_sweat_smile:


Being horny for fictional characters almost exclusively is both a blessing and a curse.

Pro: I don't have to deal with another relationship where I get the shit end of the stick.

Con: Can't experience being smooched or fondled by a real person.

suggestive! implied tf 

Patreon reward for ryaegos ( )!

you've been nerfed!

nsfw furry porn!! adventurer defeated, stripped, and FUCKED by a big dragon boy 

Patreon reward for Faraththedragon ( ) feat. Triti ( )!

you lose!

nsfw furry porn!! frog+shark ass worship. also the shark is made of sand I think??? 

Patreon reward for ultilix ( )!

you're gonna have sand between your teeth dude

nsfw furry porn!! bound straight sex. one of em's wearing a zorro mask 

Patreon reward for ultilix ( )!

the mask stays on.

nsfw furry porn!! drugs tw. bird boy's feelin a bit randy 

you and him just split a cart and he gives you this look, wyd

help i've been so engrossed in video gaming i forgot i had masto accounts

nsfw furry porn!! nu mou flashes her tiddies at you 

flash ain't just a spell

nsfw furry porn!! succubus rabbit celebrates the pagan fertility holiday 

Patreon reward for EndbossDevil ( )!

all those easter eggs gotta come from somewhere

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