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twitter link - nsfw (r-34 pin-up, female) 

Not sure how I feel about Avencri's interpretation of Nargacuga, but regardless I'm pretty sure I'm legally obligated to tag @Galuade

more lewdposting - it's magic this time 

Thought: Ring of Polymorph

Caveat: It doesn't go on your finger.

postfurry lewdposting 

Old: Grinding their null-bulge

Bold: Shorting their genital socket

Brain, the default state is 'bored', not 'horny'.


sexuality musings 

The nice thing about being pansexual is nomatter what configuration of bits and gender(s) a person has, you're never disappointed. Hell, I'm attracted to biological configurations that don't exist yet, and that's pretty fuckin' neat when you think about it. :3

(Not that people, as a rule, should be distilled down to the sum of their bits and identities, of course, but... fuck ya'll get what I'm trying to say, right?)

lewd dream - postfurry, synth, partial dismemberment, null genitals, orgasm denial 

I'm not sure how to describe what happens next. It felt like hours of edging compressed into the span of a few seconds, with the proportionate increase in intensity that implies.

No genital module means no release, just inputs continuing to short-circuit, signal noise spiralling ever upwards in intensity as I start to feel my processing core fragment at the edges, bits of my mind sloughing away...

And I wake up.

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lewd dream - postfurry, synth, partial dismemberment, hypno/mc 

Last time I come to, I'm all buttoned up and all my bits are attached, save one. She has me restrained, not with clamps or straps, but with code blocks. A whispered word, a sharp reprimand, even a shrill whistle and I'm made of stone.

She leans over me, cleavage threatening to spill out of her corset-like top before grinding one of her heavy leather boots against my empty genital socket.

Did I mention these were hobnail boots?

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lewd dream - postfurry, synth, partial dismemberment 

Anyway they're doing some kinda diagnostic thing on me - I black out several times over the period of the dream. Each time I come to, a limb's been removed or replaced, or my torso cavity's open and they're rewiring/replumbing something inside me. I can't lower my chin far enough to see.

She knows I'm awake. Likes to taunt me with it. Grinds herself against my new arm like she's trying to fuck my shoulder socket before installing it.

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lewd dream - postfurry, synth, partial dismemberment 

Had the dream where I'm a synth disassembled on a workbench again.

Well I say 'workbench', but it's more like a dentist's chair, but with a separate stirrup for each leg... not that I had legs at the moment. I can never make out the face of my... owner? technician? I do know they're hot though - shortstack, curvaceous, kinda chubby but not, labcoat corset-looking top and charcoal skirt with a fat bulge.


Me on Public Social Media: [Loud Angry Proletariat Noises]

Me on Telegram, Discord, DMs, Etc: [Horny Goblin Noises]

Seriously if your only interactions with me were on private messages you'd swear I was horny 24/7.

Which I'm not.

Sometimes I'm asleep.

Me: Alright long weekend, time to get some stuff done!

My Brain: [Hand on a lever marked 'Horny Goblinchild Mode']

Me: dO NOT

My Brain: Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.

body negativity counterargument 

>"Muscular women are gross ngl"

You are weak, your entire bloodline is weak, and your House will not survive the winter.

goo furries - kinda horny but not really? 

Thinking about what goo morphs do to unwind, since they probably don't get the same effects out of yoga and massage that we do.

Maybe they buy themselves one of those big industrial pastry blenders and just pour themselves into that to beat the tension out.

Or perhaps they could run themselves through an espresso machine on ristretto and get themselves good and wrung out with high heat and high pressure.

MonHun, monsterfuckery 

Wonder how many people on Capcom's MH team are monsterfuckers? It's a definite nonzero amount, and I would like to submit the fact that Nargacuga exists into evidence supporting my hypothesis.

Ever just wake up in the morning, take a look and the mirror, and tell yourself "WOW I'm gay."

musings on hypno/mc 

Fun Fact: I used to hate Mind Control and Hypno kinks b/c some very shitty people on various ERP platforms have used hypno/mc as an excuse to steamroll over my agency as a person in an extremely unsexy and distressing way.

And then some very cool people re-introduced me to the kink in a supportive, nurturing way and hhhhhhh πŸ’¦

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lewd headspace - hypno/mc, postfurry, synth tf 

Fffff now I'm hypno-horny AND itching for synth conversion.

Make me a good useful little robo-drone and free me from the burden of this meddlesome 'thinking' nonsense, tbh.

pol and lewd 

Apparently I only have two moods, and its "Thirsty for Socialist Revolution" and "Thirsty for Socialist Dicks"

If you want to be a girl, you can just be girl?

Seems OP, tbh.

Lewd-adjacent, Cyberpunk 2077 

The news that there's a bunch of sliders for your ass and junk and whatnot in CP2077 has me of two minds:

1) I would normally look forward to being a giant horny posthuman trashperson...


2) Having seen some of the advertising for this game (both in-universe and out) plus the sex scenes they're so eagerly promising, this whole business gives me creepy Chaser vibes tbqh.

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