Trying to workshop a Korps superpower based on a thing I learned about just last night: Sporopollenin, the most chemically-inert biopolymer known to science.

Trash-brain: "But... how to make it horny? πŸ€” "

Shush you.

twitter link - kinda lewd joke but not really? It involves tiddies. 

This may not stay my main instance upon reflection, as it seems like not everybody's toots are loading onto my timeline?

lewd shitpost, mastodon meta 

PennTest Premium Subscription:

Silence all of my toots, at the low low price of inserting one (1) penis into my mouth.

lewd shitpost 

Comrades affectionately manhandling each other's junk.

They were told to seize the means of reproduction.

>"Are you a boy or a girl?"

"Who cares, I'm hot either way."

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implied lewd - slime, bdsm 

Contrary to popular belief, slime girls do in fact engage in BDSM; you just have to be more imaginative about it.

Sure the usual corporal punishments don't work, but you could, for example, throw them into an industrial pastry mixer to beat them up a little (lovingly, ofc. <3)

Restraint is difficult, but judicious application of low temperatures can congeal and immobilize even the most belligerent slime-morph. You might want to invest in some thick gloves, tho <3

grs shitpost 

"Nice dick, is it for sale?"

grs hot take, genital mention 

If I die young, donate my penis to some deserving transmasc person in need of GRS. They already proved transplants are viable and can be done. 😀

twitter link - nsfw, YCH auction 

Goddamnit somebody's doing a YCH auction that hits a Very Specific Macro Button for me and its got me sweating πŸ‘€ πŸ’¦


Thanks to a prompt from Flailmorpho, I spontaneously decided what flavour of goo-morph I want to be (and by extension, what color.)

Kink adjacent 

Biting is praxis, b/c it shares your socialist teeth with your comrades :3

From the makers of Big Fat Greek Wedding comes Beefy Gay Greek Wife

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I just started playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey last night and so far all I've accomplished is wanting Kassandra to step on me tbh. πŸ’¦

horny mention 

I'm more of a "weed horny" than "drunk horny" tbh. Alcohol just makes me sleepy and clumsy tbh.

twitter link - nsfw gif, postfurry, live nude renamons 

The advantages of being data: just print whatever you wanna wear directly on your... surfaces.


Random kink thought 

Cockslaps are good actually. πŸ˜³πŸ’¦

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