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lewd NSFW nudity 

Feels like I should get a first post out of the way here. I'm a trans woman who's been finding myself again as I reconnect with past interests and activities. I plan to use this account for posting and boosting general NSFW and adult content that I feel would be a bit too much for my mostly-sanitized main. I'm still pretty new to *using* Mastodon and very new at content warnings so I hope I'm doing that part right!

Anyways, one brand new pic and two from Sept to kick things off.

Asking for Advice, OnlyFans and SW 

I've been wanting to start an OnlyFans for a long time, but now I am going to have to because of money problems.

Does anyone have any advice they'd like to share about OF and SW in general? I am completely new to this and need a lot of guidance. I am neurodiverse and that impacts my ability to make accurate conclusions about people and situations that neurotypial people make naturally, so I appreciate any help/advice I can get. 💖

ButtplugMC, the Minecraft Buttplug Plugin, just got an update for Minecraft 1.19.3!

Thanks to for bringing this up to date!


If you thought ULTRAKILL was hard already, try playing it where every time you:
Take damage
and Die
It sets off a prostate vibrator



Reposting my #introduction due to server move…

Hello awesome Fediverse folks! My name is Emma.

I’m a late 30s #trans #gamer gal. Egg recently cracked (09/22). Decided to jump into the deep end as quickly as possible to make up lost time. Started HRT in early Oct 2022 and while it’s been a roller coaster I’ve loved every minute of it. I… don’t think I’ve ever experience true happiness and peace until I realized who I was, and thinking about it still tears me up. (1/2)


Getting dressed for some house work!
Do you want to join me?
I hope I'm not to much of a distraction. 😜 :heart_trans: ❤️

#nsfw #trans #transporn #porn #tgirl #horny #boobs #queer

artistic nudity, drawn artwork, rabbit masks 

happy Year of the Rabbit ;3

some of my artwork from a few years ago

Feeling like trying to figure out a better PFP for this account tomorrow. Nothing necessarily wrong with the one I'm using other than I'm using it on another mostly-SFW account and I'd like to make it easy for people that follow multiple accounts of mine to easily see which account I made a post with or interacted with them through. Might also be that I'm getting anxious for new and flattering self-pictures which happens now and then post-HRT since I can enjoy how I look now.

Trans talk 

Booked in my GP visit to talk about transitioning and getting started with HRT. Not available till the 23rd, but it's a start at least :3

Trans women will look you right in the eye and say they're gross and ugly while simultaneously being so beautiful you'd be too anxious to approach them.

It's you, you're trans women ❤️.

(if it's not you, you're still hot. People are so fn hot.)

#lewd #nsfw #nudity #trans 

Some fun piccies I took of myself not too long ago after getting in the mood and remembering my little under-utilized tripod setup.

Thinking it's probably about time for me to deactivate or lock down my Twitter AD that I kinda forgot about after making this account. I didn't use the Twitter AD much before things started going downhill on that site and I feel like this place would be much better for me to focus on posting that kind of material to anyways. More accepting and heccin' awesome community/communities, better engagement, and less (as in zero) bots in my mentions and notifications.

sex-related trans stuff 

Me pre-HRT: I really hope I don't lose the ability to orgasm.

Me fully HRT-ized: How the fuck did I ever get by without these estrogen-fueled orgasms?

nsfw nude exhibitionism 

oh no my jeans fell 😳😳

(boosts and flirts welcome~)
#nsfw #exhibitionism #trans #nude

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