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I'm into electronics and tech and stuff, but this account is for me being furry trash ^v^

I'm a dumb, cuddly cheesewedge that likes to merp at people

Warning for furries: A production company is sending a deceptive casting call for a film that appears to be a furry documentary but is actually a hateful smear film.

It's the same deceptive tactic Matt Walsh used to trick trans people into appearing in "What is a Woman". They want to do the same for furries.

Please be careful and warn others!

I'm up to my shit again. The merp level in my logger class just replaces every word in the message with "merp" :3


When your stoner fren comes over with a box of hamemafe cookies to munch on, and you're on the ground from a single small cookie while she eats them like snacks,
Yea dude

I felt the urge to start making educational videos.
I suck at talking to a camera, and at editing lol, but it was kinda fun


Jokingly kinky, degradation 

You are precious:3
Unless you’re into degradation, then you’re a dumb useless slut

nude (genitals implied but not clearly visible), selfie EC 

Oh hoi there. I felt like taking a few cute pictures but things got out of control pretty quickly.

I went alt-descriptions heavy on this set!

#nsfw #nude #masturbation #tits #boobs #thirsttrap

Semi-nudity boobs lingerie pictures ec lewd @ reader 

Wanna have some fun tonight? If I like you, you'll be allowed to see even more of me, sweetie. 😘

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