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:ms_weary: how will i survive this instance without :blobheart: and :blobpeek:

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Thoughts about porn, also twizzlers? 

Apologies, I've got something on my mind I need to put down.

I'm so disappointed with conventional porn. It's plastic, it has such a cheap feel to it. It's just a packaged product. It's like eating a whole bag of twizzlers. Guaranteed to leave an unpleasant chemical taste and leave you feeling sick.

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Ya know I don't think i have a clear preference. I think I have a genital preference for certain sexual activities, but it's more about the vibe of the person

@iama Which gender is sexier to you? Male or female?

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Damn okay I've been thinking about this for a short while and it's really gnawing at me...

What if we did some kind of informal fursona workshop??!

I haven't revised mine recently and it sounds like other folks are also thinking along these lines.

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It's always so frustrating to see styles that are only offered in some sizes and not all.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

Ps: please share/update us if you find something worth showing off!

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My not so fun pleroma experience 

@jojo @taurus

So yeah people are free to use their software but I have no care to deal with that.

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My not so fun pleroma experience 

@jojo @taurus

Sure theres some good people on pleroma but I had to wade through a bunch of unapologetic racists and pedos to find them...

I have never been called so many slurs and told to kill myself so much before or ever since...

I decided to leave pleroma before all the drama about some of the dev team folks being entwined with unapologetic pedophiles so I don't know the details about how that ended.

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finished part 5. i officially liked the anime way more than the manga for this part. maybe it was the forced pacing, but i got way more attached to the characters in the anime vs when i read through it

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@jojo never heard of her but pls tell me more

And why is none of this on ?

@taurus You should definetly switch to pleroma, look at this

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Fact: children should not be spanked.

Also Fact: consenting adults should be spanked.

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