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kink shitpost, d/s 

thinking about being overpowered and subdued ;o;

[NSFW] foxy gal with her legs spread on a bed, ec 

This is Kaji, a minor background character form my XEN comic that someone added to my suggestions spreadsheet.

This doubled as an experiment working with a limited colour palette.

#furryart #yiff

She don't eat meat
but she do like the bone


Who doesn't love the feeling of falling deeper and deeper into a trance?

Becoming more and more open to any instructions.

horse levels are 00% and falling

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□


Love being horny on main

nsfw furry art (mouse breeding) 

Subby mouse boys make really good breeding studs 💜

Featuring myself and @SimonTesla

Art by @GavUnimpressive

NSFW furry art: mtf topless deer 

Commission for  Lucky doe has the beach all to herself.


I might finish this, but idk, I kind of like the loose sketchy feel of it.

hypno kink goof 

Hypnosis file where I say 'drop', then there's a glass shattering noise and an 'oh fuck' as the subject's mind hits the floor

The rest of the file is me swearing to myself about how 'they're gonna be so mad at me' and rifling through cupboards for superglue

hi everyone. for a while now i've been living in a home that is rapidly descending into unfitness for living. i'm trying to get out to place where i can be and feel safe. if you could share this, or even donate if you can, i would appreciate it immensely.


Hmmm :yeenthink: :yeenthink: :yeenthink: Do I wanna send nudes or receive nudes tonight?

Covering my genitals with a dry lubricant like graphite as a bit.

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