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so thanks to this post it's been pointed out today is both Cake for Trans Friends Day and's birthday and @anthracite suggested it be #cakefortransdragons day.

...we are broke, disabled, trans dragons who would like cake, yes please.

nice dick bro. it looks totally normal. run of the mill. bog standard hog you got there, my man

Horny question 

@axakatl Lizard knot lizard knot li-

Has anyone here ever heard of or used scuttlebutt? Apparently its a decentralized social media network, in that sense it is like the fediverse. but it uses a totally different approach (gossip network).

I'm just now hearing about it and looking it up.

Website is here:

#SocialMedia #fediverse #Scuttlebutt

tfw you and the person you love have different tastes in furries but you still want to have fursonas to ship together

the croc's name is Damian and belongs to my friend and Berani is mine, he's a bat eared fox!

#mastoart #furry #furryart #furryoc

a gentleman never asks a lady where she keeps her tentacles

Getting forcibly ejected from Disney's Haunted Mansion over creative differences (getting too horny at the ghosts)


furry art, nudity, horse, eye contact 

cont., just gonna do a lil separate pose/crop of the back to get her dorsal stripe detail. it's very important

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lewd scribbles (but also some self doubt) 

gosh I really wanna just draw like, slutty fem spook-month art for people.

but my brain keeps telling me no one actually would want it????????

so I guess I dunno, have some scribbles?

More rambling about each in descriptions <_<


hug me, tbh, also kiss me, tbh, also let me use you as a toy, tbh

🎵All the other kids with the fucked up dicks🎵

furry art, nudity, horse, eye contact 

here's the base and I'm fucking obsessed with the tummy pudge tbh. couldn't stop thinking about it all day. what a good tummy

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