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Read at your own risk. Kink? NSFW? Harm? I don't know. 

OwO what's a gal gotta do around here to get trampled?

I'll say "thankies" and/or provide treats like sugar cubes and carrots!

Heck if you do a really good job of trampling me, you can have the whole box of sugar cubes (it's not like I'd be able stop you 😏 )

When you almost accidentally send your dad explicit furry art....

Gotta love how the order of contacts in the share menu sometimes changes.

Gentle reminder y'all:

You do NOT need to agree with, understand, or enjoy someone else's kinks.

Is it consensual amongst all parties?
Is everyone safe and respected?
Is the content marked with a CW warning?

Unless someone is advocating for the harm/abuse of others, what would you expect our admin team to do?

Whenever possible, let's not be the kink police!

WIP, Horse, polite critique accepted. 

Currently painting another horse (Suprise right???)

It obviously needs a lot of work. Feel free to give some constructive feedback. Depending on the amount of reworking involved I may not be able to do it for this piece but its always good to keep in mind for next time!

Gotta love the ol' "That DM was just sent publicly, huh?"

I guess that's just admin transparency...


Silly, irrational fear, sex toys, insects 

Don't forget to check your penetratable sex toys for bugs! Y'all don't wanna get it goin' and then get a lil' bug bite.


Super angry, vent, no advice pls, 

Apologies, I try not to show anger on here like this but I've gotta vent.

I feel so unheard and misunderstood.

That medical appointment could have been a god-damned SMS message.

Perhaps try to sleep?
Just Google your medical questions?
If you've made it this far you're probably fine?

Motherfucker, how the fuck are you tier 2?

TMI, sex talk 

I'm on day 5 of "I've tried my best and yet no orgasm"

Here's hoping that this isn't gonna be a long term thing...

Silver lining: if this is a long term thing I'm going to earn a gold star at edging :ms_shrug: ... And also purchase a longer lasting lubricant.

Gross, don't read? Silly? Only kinda joking, Disphoria, medical procedures 

What's the likelihood of finding someone who will pay for my testicles to be removed? I'd let them keep the testicles and any other medical waste they'd want. I wouldn't even ask what they want the testicles for!

Silly, nsfw, psychic damage 

Are you telling me that Jeff Goldblum ejaculated on this "Shrek 20th anniversary 4K Blu-Ray" that released may 11th 2021?

Ebay really does sell everything....

Nooo! Okay I just went through a years worth of bookmarks and I couldn't find it...

Once upon a time someone posted this super cute photo of themselves in their cage wearing their pup hood, the cage was decorated with soft blankets, string lights, etc. And it was so comfy and safe looking! Anyone know who I'm talking about and where I can find that photo again?


Why don't I have spectral hands holding me down and slowly exploring my entire body while I'm helpless??

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It's Halloween if you want it to be. You can dress up like a ghost or a witch or a can of beans if you want to. No one can stop you.

NSFW? Ponyplay? 

Why is nobody giving me massages from my withers to my croup? Nobody grabbing my flank And pulling close to me?

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new for FC 2023: SPECIMEN badges!
I'm premiering an all-new badge style at Further Confusion 2023 this weekend! Swing by table 7 in the Dealer's Den and grab a SPECIMEN badge for yourself-- these are my sharpest, classiest badges yet!

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Bathroom humor, psychic damage 

Okay, picture this:

Waterbed filled with very old piss

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how to LEVEL UP your GRINDSET for 2023:

— down load 20 gb of MINOTAUR MILKING PORN
— install LINUX on your WORK DESKTOP
— NUT into your CEREAL

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😾✋ Encouraging the normalisation of deviance

😻👉 Encouraging the normalisation of deviants

Be more shamelessly weird. 🐯

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