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Positive horny vibes (+) 

Hun it's you, the horny vibes were in you all along!


Do we need more ponyplay related content on the timeline?


Oh you're an alpha male? That explains your low penetrating power

Just a small salty rant +/- 

Damn okay, that was more than a small rant.

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Just a small salty rant +/- 

Where's the big 'mean' alien mommy that works hard and looks like a whole biker gang was blended into one person?

She got a ex-marine boyfriend that in comparison is an uwu softboy. He does the laundry and can't wait for her to propose.

She is teaching her kids archery and uses positive reinforcement. Her heart melts whenever they all picknick together.

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Just a small salty rant +/- 

What about the wolfman who opens a doggy daycare and is a struggling small business. But it's his dream and damnit he's gonna try his best.

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Just a small salty rant +/- 

What about the succubus that broke family tradition and wants to go to law school?

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Just a small salty rant +/- 

Where's the alien monster with big teeth and a shiny layer of slime that's trying to come up with the best way to ask out the astronaut? They'd be the first interspecies couple on the station! What would that do for political relations? Could a public relationship flourish? Would the social pressure break their relationship?

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Just a small salty rant +/- 

Why don't we have more media where "monsters" and "abominations" are complex and interesting characters with autonomy and desires.

I want demonic centipedes going to improv classes so they can practice talking with humans.

I want a dragon nervous to meet her unicorn In-laws for the first time.

I want a kobold to give their friend at school a shiny treasure because they want to cheer them up.

I want the monster under the bed to vent about his work-life balance.


Ha! I've just masterfully baited you! Now you've come here! :ms_sweat_drops:


When you're working but you'd rather be workin' it... Ya know?

Sometimes you just wanna be tied up and put into sensory deprivation. Given a cocktail of mind altering drugs and supplements for arousal, and then of course hypnotized and reprogrammed to be the horny little monster you were born to be.

I made a new perfume today and painted my nails a lovely purple sparkle color. Not emotionally ready for Monday (is anyone ever truly ready for Monday).

Might get a little high and pony play before bed.

Now that's my kinda self-care!

Mule me once: cool
Mule me twice: great

Good morning all of my lovely little monsters. I hope you all exude the gremlin energy that makes you each unique!

eugene, or is holding a lovely event on saturday, july 30 at monroe park!

anyone in the area should definitely connect, i know the organizers also sometimes hold fun social events, like nature walks, game nights, etc.

#eugene #oregon #solidarity #prison #abolition #movie #letters

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