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It's finally here! Announcing v1.1 of my Shy Gal Emoji Pack, the Animal Queendomme update! This update includes new emoji for a puppy, a cow, a piggy, and lots of kitties! There's also some various bugfixes.

Full details:

Would anyone be interested in a solo fully rendered Halloween themed piece of their Sona with a background for $100? Completed by Halloween!
Dm me if you are <3

Small rendering example below!

I'm always surprised how many lurkers we have on


angrily sweeping my own fursona drawing off my desk and shouting NO


Nsfw, facesitting 

Take a load off, you deserve a good orgasm.
Or two.
Maybe more?

Featuring @Lycanroc ! <3

Feedback and shares mean the world to me!

Like my art? Send me a tip!
Commission info!

Typical Werewolf Love Story

Says it has werewolves in it but there are no screenshots of werewolves....

Someone should play it and let me know if there are actually werewolves in it.

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Bugs and Kisses

A cute demo that has been abandoned

Can be downloaded or played in the browser.

I love the art style! Look at that cute bug!

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Yiffany Jones attorney at raw's choices:

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

Body positivity, LGBTQIA+, Furry, horny on main!

(Currently) A small instance with active moderation.

  • No bigots or hate speech allowed
  • Sex positive
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  • Furry
  • probably some thicc horses
    • (don't need to be thicc to join!)

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