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Bugs and Kisses

A cute demo that has been abandoned

Can be downloaded or played in the browser.

I love the art style! Look at that cute bug!

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why is this dragon so fucking cute??

A quick game with multiple endings.

I personally have played this one and enjoyed it for its short (one sitting) story.

Trans lesbians

Name your own price

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Cartoon Gore 

Purrfect Apawcalypse

An ultra cute art style clashes with cartoon gore.

Date during the apocalypse! Looks like a fun dark comedy.

Name your own price

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First off we have cryptid crush

Looks to be a demo and TTRPG inspired VN.

Looks cute and the art is good.
has some options for pronouns when playing.

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I'm going to give my initial impressions of some of these games.

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I made it to the bottom of the list for dating sim games.

There are a lot of them!

hey! whats that new lgbt game that came out thats free?

anyone know what I'm talking about?

watching clam videos and now thinking about nsfw clam monsters bc clam foot looks like a good nsfw tentacle monster type thing lmao


Someone use me like the whore i am please

i want art of my fursona getting railed by a werewolf. or a guilmon. who knows.

Anyone know anyone?

Setting up a kink instance, help required, boosts good, replies even better 

So, I'm thinking of setting up a kink instance for various reasons and was wondering what a good hosting service would be for such a thing.

The requirements would be: as much control over the server as possible including being able to choose what mastodon version/fork to use and possibly other config files for the OS or web server and firewall itself, basically need it to be as secure as possible and I am not sure if I completely trust others to do that for me.

Not in the hands of 'big tech', so if possible nothing owned by google, microsoft, amazon etc.

Good enough spec/bandwidth for an instance of a few so that it doesn't run too slow and/or runs out of space/bandwidth.

Relatively cheap.

Thank you!

lil preview of a drawing im making (not posting the full image now to incentivize me to actually finish the thing)

but lookit this dragon i love her


Someone come fuck me and fill me with cum pls

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