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watching clam videos and now thinking about nsfw clam monsters bc clam foot looks like a good nsfw tentacle monster type thing lmao


Someone use me like the whore i am please

i want art of my fursona getting railed by a werewolf. or a guilmon. who knows.

Anyone know anyone?

Setting up a kink instance, help required, boosts good, replies even better 

So, I'm thinking of setting up a kink instance for various reasons and was wondering what a good hosting service would be for such a thing.

The requirements would be: as much control over the server as possible including being able to choose what mastodon version/fork to use and possibly other config files for the OS or web server and firewall itself, basically need it to be as secure as possible and I am not sure if I completely trust others to do that for me.

Not in the hands of 'big tech', so if possible nothing owned by google, microsoft, amazon etc.

Good enough spec/bandwidth for an instance of a few so that it doesn't run too slow and/or runs out of space/bandwidth.

Relatively cheap.

Thank you!

lil preview of a drawing im making (not posting the full image now to incentivize me to actually finish the thing)

but lookit this dragon i love her


Someone come fuck me and fill me with cum pls

hypnosis, lewd 

Another day another time I want to be hypnotized.

all i care about is being my sluttiest self and healthcare for all

Lewd, weird, premature ejaculate 

Anyone else like timing how fast you can make someone ejaculate?

NSFW art 

I remember working so hard on this and being so proud of it and it never got a lot of traction.

I took a posed photo of my partner and me to use for reference and then lovingly recreated our bedroom.

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