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Lewd, weird, premature ejaculate 

Anyone else like timing how fast you can make someone ejaculate?

NSFW art 

I remember working so hard on this and being so proud of it and it never got a lot of traction.

I took a posed photo of my partner and me to use for reference and then lovingly recreated our bedroom.

do you like shirts and mousepads and stickers with weird art on them??

WELL redbubble is having a 20% of everything sale and i have stuff up on redbubble!

use code SHOPTEMBER at checkout


#mastoart #nightcrew

High, lewd, hypnosis 

People should send me hypnosis ideas while I'm high.

High, lewd 

Getting high and feeling yourself is so nice

pants levels are currently severe

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

nsfw furry porn!! goopy tentacles, hypno lesbians, and big tiddies. 

Raffle stream results for Adraco!

lewd, hypnosis 

god I want to be hypnotized into doing degrading things.

onlyfans alternatives, boosts ok 

I wonder if there's any really decent onlyfans alternatives, or even better, self-hosted solutions (for those who can deal with the maintenance cost)...

Anyone knows?

Boosts appreciated

vrc photo 

We went to a VRC drinking game world yesterday and

Sometimes I'm just too lewd for normal life... ya know?

trying to figure out horny posting, i have no idea what im doing

Dating sim game but all the characters are hydras and you have to balance out the various interests and attractions of their different heads.

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