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Kink, legit question, macro 

Can someone explain why they like macro?

Lewd, kink 

And here I'm just wanting to get tied up and forced into sensory deprivation until I'm ready to take commands

Hey folks of thicc horse.
We are contemplating adding a new moderator. DM me if you have any interest in being a mod. I'll provide you more information!

My partner just measured my neck and then left. I asked them jokingly if I should be concerned. They just responded with maybe and went back to their computer.

Am I getting a choker?

I'd love to follow more furry artists on mastodon. Please speak up if you post art on mastodon, or name drop some cool folks worth following!

becoming a disassociate professor at egg university

Anyone know of mastodon instances that are now using whitelist mode?

Are any of these semi-closed communities thriving and healthy?

Curious what folks thoughts are

fursuit pic, SonicFox 

love them, they have the trans flag behind them

nsfw furry porn!! dragon lady in a shiny transparent one-piece swimsuit 

Patreon reward for Aquilak ( )!

clothes being transparent kind of defeats the original purpose but sure does add a new one

lewd, dragons pegging on a pile of gold 

I mean. It's all in the CW no?

Was a fun commission tbh

Uwu help me I think I might have latent catgirl energy

semi-lewd joke 

I don't understand threesomes. If I wanted to disappoint two people at once, I'd have dinner with my parents.

#mastodon crowd: Is there some tool or way to check which of my mutual contacts I can't interact with anymore because the involved instances stopped federating?

Kink, hypnosis 

Set your passwords to training phrases and kink reinforcements.

That way you internalize the message each time you log in.

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