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Did you know that "copper cow" brand non dairy coconut creamer looks an awfully lot like cum and it mixes well with most drinks?

It also comes in packets that you can make it ooze out of slowly...

I want a collar pretty badly.

Wonder if I can beg my partner for one ❤️

Please appreciate this fantastic art of me in my new choker by RioLepidoptera on :twitter:
I've admired Rio and her work for an EXTREMELY long time, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to support her with this commission! Watching her stream was so informative - I'm not even an artist, and I learned a great deal! Rio really took the time to understand my character and ensure Shetani was portrayed with justice. I highly recommend commissioning her.
#anthro #furryart #commission #shetani

Divinity Dragon Commander is $4 USD and Angels with Scaly Wings is only $3 USD on Steam right now if anyone is looking for a good dragon game to play.

Lewd, Boiling hot take 

Yiff is a good word, fight me (yiff me) 😛

cw: nsfw, snek coiling, anal 

A mysterious snake synth has decided to make a plaything out of a mouse n///n
Art by CaptainZepto ( )
Source ( )

Nobody has hypnotized me this month.
I wanna go deep under.

wishing a happy kwanzaa to everyone who is celebrating it! 😊

Introducing my good friends @Yepir and @Danji to the Fediverse!! :D Ultimate Hyena and Bear funtimes :) #Welcome

Lewd question, paws, gross? 

Do paw fetishists like corn chips?


My Christmas wish is to be tied up and put in a sensory deprivation mask.

And after that, who knows? Perhaps that'll help you get your wish too...

Lewd, Top Tip 

Get a slightly longer leash, so that if one end is connected to their collar and the other end is in your hand, the middle touches the floor

Put your foot on the bit that touches the floor

Pull, very slowly, until they bow

Lewd, tmi 

I can't recall the last time someone nutted in me.

Really missing that.

Anyone wanna help me out?

I really love the way you scribble little blushy lines in your art!

Is Piss.Restaurant still a fediverse instance?

I don't feel like checking for myself.


Just took a quiz to tell me what monster I would fuck and you'll never guess the results

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Yiffany Jones attorney at raw's choices:

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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