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I am looking for practical resources or your own great stories on #polyamory and #longevity. what happens when you add time. you live longer, #relationships get longer. what happens, according to your experience or #futurology? Common pitfalls and joys? methods to solve problems? looking forward to read from you..

You ever get really tempted to post lewds on main

Lewd post ideas 

I keep wanting to post screencaps of porn with the caption: This could be us but you’re not inside me rn

Ok here is Squidward with his eye fixed. I will paint one of these for you if you want to commission me

Just a reminder that I made a mastodon export data viewer :3

supports images, video, audio, polls, content warnings, and alt text!

Inject the glow stick fluid directly into the balls

the biggest crime is that kass is taken. i'm happy for him but damn it

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drawn ec 

finally threw some watercolor-ish hues on this excellent sketch commission I got!

on a related note you should follow @bassarisque because her art is exceptional

#art page updated with new stuff!

all cc-licensed and free to download in high-res :)

spread the word!

Popping this up one more time, I figure @SapphicGiraffic has something to say about it. 🦒

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That moment that you almost send a lewd post in the wrong chat... To your parents 😅

I was going to post something, I forgot what it was because this distracted me

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I only remember one thing from the chronicles of narnia... Aslan has a sexy voice.

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Yiffany Jones attorney at raw's choices:

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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