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idea, nonbinaries could be called omen
men, omen, women
man, oman, woman

I am going to use omen for androgynes from now on

Kink, question 

So lockdown and horny again, so I'm ordering sex toys again.

I'm looking for some good kink online shops, perferably queer owned (atleast friendly)/ small bussinesses but with a decent range of products and choices.

So not or ali baba or those big capitalist ass fuckers who don't concentually abuse/degrade people who think it is fun.

All tips are welcome.

Boost to help ;-)

Good morning to everyone on here who is currently thinking about dragons!

What’s that? You’re not thinking about dragons? Well, have you considered trying?

art. boosts appreciated 

Art #46: "The Divide"

I sell these as "Pay what you want / can". I need my costs for materials and shipping covered, anything more will be awesome and appreciated!

Check my gallery for more:

Like my art and want more? I am currently not cash positive with my art and I would appreciate a Ko-Fi (if you're able to)!

That moment you see pin-ups on the timeline and you spend more time looking at the nice furniture than the folks in the photos.

Did you know that horses have fangs?

Shares and feedback mean the world to me <3

Oh sure, everyone gives me applause when I bust a move in public but they all get offended when I try to bust a nut instead.


NSFW furry art: trans chipmunk gal 

Commission for @prehensile, looking prettier every day.

titties almost out 

as you can see i got bored with inktober.
i wanna draw tits now
#digitalart #mastoart #creativetoots

Calling Masto Admins that are hosting their own hardware:

Do you like having it local?
How do you avoid downtime?
Why are you hosting locally rather than using a VPS in the cloud?

Okay, I've been rocking the name "Yiffany Jones attorney at raw" for a while now.

What should I do?

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THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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