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I've decided I will become something truly depraved and horrifying for Halloween #onhere


"reverse engineer" kinda sounds like a sex position

fuck your astrology sign whats your go to porn genre

Lewd hypnosis 

Anyone want to delete me and reprogram my body for your purposes?

tf shitpost, lewd, really bad 

friend slapping the back of your new synth body and going "this bad boy can fit so many fucking dicks in it"

hello! I just moved here from; this shall be my new hornyposting account.

NSFW furry art: mtf frotting 

Commission for Nall with a fleecy friend.

D/s merch 

so, hey, remember this sketch buried deep in a thread from last week? i'm going to try and make this into a sticker AND (hopefully) an embroidered iron-on patch. will likely do a preorder on my store once i get some quotes back from a few manufacturers. stay tuned, sluts... uh, i mean, if you really feel like it,


Howdy partners and yeehaw and all that.
I’m Smutoverture, and I once drew lots of tits and cock. Feel free to HMU to discuss smut, D&D, and Life the Universe and Everything

When you try to draw dragons but they just don't come out right.


Mares.Cafe & its (much more lewd) sister site Thicc.Horse are small instances that are willing to take those who are looking for a home.

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Yiffany Jones attorney at raw's choices:

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

Body positivity, LGBTQIA+, Furry, horny on main!

(Currently) A small instance with active moderation.

  • No bigots or hate speech allowed
  • Sex positive
  • Body positive
  • Furry
  • probably some thicc horses
    • (don't need to be thicc to join!)

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