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genitals / pol shitpost 

I mean dammit, I'm pretty sure I once had a hardon that lasted longer than the confederacy.

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It's a welcome irony.

starting my day with a refreshing glass of thick, honey-consistency water


gently falling asleep while i fantasize about all manner of lil big monsties


First off, sorry y'all. I'm feeling as certain kind of way. Who doesn't want TEETH?

Found via forbiddenflora

Perhaps feel other's thoughts? Experience other's memories?

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Does anyone else want to be transformed into a drone within a hivemind?

it's called a deadname because if you call a trans person by it, you'll die immediately

oops never did an
You can call me Acer(or just Ace). I enjoy drawing, gaming, and doing music. I like meeting new people too but I'm awkward haha

Hello! You can call me daze. I'm a new/exploring furry(??)! I like finding new music so feel free to send me music recs whenever you want. I draw a little bit but never really drew furries before. I want to try and practice hard! Let's have fun and be horny on main?! Nice to meet you!

If I recall correctly, Digital Poppy is somewhere out there on the Fediverse.

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hi guys im new
do yall do intros here?

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