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Yes my username is both a dick joke -and- an InfoSec joke.

That's the kind of horny nerd I am.

So uh, the lizard men from she-ra are pretty cute.

That's common knowledge though right?

You can just be a fox girl online if you want. No one can stop you.

Does anyone else like when the hot Mormons show up at your door?

Hey Triz, always good to see you around

Affection/kinda horny 

Wanna just be pinned and smooched ok


me, fucking your wife: oopsies i did a little cucky-wucky

I like my men like I like my cheese:

Farmstyle thick cut

Today I've realized that Instagram doesn't sort posts by timestamp, but instead by some weird-ass "importance" algorithm.

That finally explains why I keep missing posts from my friends, thinking there's no new content, because some "influencer's" photo keeps blocking the top of my feed for hours or even days.

You literally had one job Instagram...


really? i just have to put this gel on every day and i'll turn into a cute monster

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