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Partial nudity, not lewd 

i was gonna learn how to use but i just did this

Irish werewolves are good boys

(NSFW text at the bottom of the picture)

Me growing up: Man I can't wait to be a normal per-

Brain: You're most attracted to an appendage that isn't a thing outside of fiction.

Me: Wh-

Brain: Muzzles are way cuter than human faces.

Me: Wait sto-

Brain: Nothing IRL does anything for you sry.

Me: Can I-

Brain: No

that FOSS Photoshop program- better name idea 

The worst part of wordament is it not accepting DILF


The only min/max strats I want to hear is how you do your laundry detergent and fabric softener build

not all enbies are white thin androgynous able-bodied people

Lol remember when Guillermo del Toro made a movie about a romance between a woman and a fish and it was a healthier relationship than 99% of all other romances in film.

Seeing a straight couple kissing : "Nah, they're probably just good friends"

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