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Partial nudity, not lewd 

Had a great time at the second annual Mastocon! Can't wait until next year. :) #Mastocon2019

i was gonna learn how to use but i just did this

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Irish werewolves are good boys

(NSFW text at the bottom of the picture)

Me growing up: Man I can't wait to be a normal per-

Brain: You're most attracted to an appendage that isn't a thing outside of fiction.

Me: Wh-

Brain: Muzzles are way cuter than human faces.

Me: Wait sto-

Brain: Nothing IRL does anything for you sry.

Me: Can I-

Brain: No

that FOSS Photoshop program- better name idea 

Photo and

The worst part of wordament is it not accepting DILF

The only min/max strats I want to hear is how you do your laundry detergent and fabric softener build

gamer thighs with programmer socks :skyhearteyes:

not all enbies are white thin androgynous able-bodied people

Lol remember when Guillermo del Toro made a movie about a romance between a woman and a fish and it was a healthier relationship than 99% of all other romances in film.

Seeing a straight couple kissing : "Nah, they're probably just good friends"

Okay, which of you wrote “trans rights are human rights” in the dirt on the wall of this tunnel? They also wrote “all cats are beautiful” so I know it was one of you.

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