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Lol remember when Guillermo del Toro made a movie about a romance between a woman and a fish and it was a healthier relationship than 99% of all other romances in film.

Seeing a straight couple kissing : "Nah, they're probably just good friends"

Okay, which of you wrote “trans rights are human rights” in the dirt on the wall of this tunnel? They also wrote “all cats are beautiful” so I know it was one of you.

Super cursed, I'm so sorry 

who called it a pearl necklace and not a chestnut



Trans Lifeline (a very good organization that I can personally vouch for) is looking to hire a full-time remote volunteer coordinator for their microgrants program. $17+/hr w/full benefits. Can be worked from anywhere.

This is an administrative position focused on recruiting, managing and training volunteers. What they're asking for is any community organizing experience. If you need work, apply!!

Vote for your favorite name! There are too many I like. It's hard choosing a name and I need your help.

Eldritch Affection 

I have not been fulfilling my duty to flood your time lines.

still in the er, a guy just entered with a LIVE PIGEON

I am escaping to the ONE place that hasnt been corrupted by capitalism...... decentralized federated social networks!!

More terrible cishet bullshit.
The title of this book might be the worst relationship advice I have ever seen.
And the bullet points on the back have me asking “Are Men Ok?”

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