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Looking cute in the baggy shirt and panties combo is like half the reason I transitioned

Fasting is when you eat really fast. Dieting is when you die

Might fuck around and become a pure, innocent, and normal human being

@velexiraptor Trans validation ice cream: raspberry, vanilla bean, and lavender

D/s kink joke 

My gender is double jumping at the hardest part of a platform game

@distressedegg @fluxom_alt oh lord i do not want to think about the hell i could raise with a queer villain crop top

bad dragon packers are the definition of chaotic evil

Boost if you love wearing skirts/dresses! :blobcatheart:

My heart is full of deep regret for the spicy memes that I've seen today.

Republicans: the government can't tell us what to do. It's too controlling. Big government needs to be rolled back! It's encroaching on my freedoms!!!!

Transfolk: I want different pronouns on my ID

Republicans: There needs to be laws for this. People can't have personal freedom to choose pronouns. How could the government not step in and regulate this?
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