Parents knowing your kinks? 

@jojo yeah the whole me being trans really threw them for a loop!

Parents knowing your kinks? 

Guess I'm just going to have to get a visible tattoo of a horse just to make it extra awkward when I visit!

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what would happen if you came in the sodastream machine?? :thinkface: :cum:

Parents knowing your kinks? 

I'm not sure if this makes me more powerful... Or just more full of cringe when reminded of this.

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Parents knowing your kinks? 

Sometimes I remember that my super religious parents know I draw erotic furry art...

Also pretty sure they know about the ponyplay... Anytime someone brings up the subject of horses they quickly and awkwardly change the subject.

Whoops 😂


The idea of making my own HRT injections sounds like a super cool and very scary endeavor!



Oh it's a pretty real mood right now too ❤️


When you're horny but also tired

Sometimes you just wanna lie back and let someone else do all the work...


kink mention 


We do enjoy some monsters around here ❤️



I'm glad you feel that way. Relays are rough to keep track of as there is no way to track when new ones come up.

Also some relays have too much unrelated info.

Long term I hope that we have enough outside interactions that we can turn off a majority of the relay connections.


Correct, yeah I'm a NSFW account so I was sure to ask em'


I DM'ed her earlier to be sure she wasn't some bot instance.

Her communication style is a little eccentric but she seemed nice enough. :ms_shrug:

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