lewd, sexual performance 

@Roger @krissypaw

And the cute nervous look on their face right afterwards. ooh I love it.

lewd, sexual performance 


I just absolutely love it. especially when they haven't even made it out of their underwear... =)


It'd be fun to just jerk someone else off right now

lewd, sexual performance 

Anyone else like it when a man cant hold back and cums prematurely?

NSFW Furry Art, M/M 

“Ala sasatry ny mpifankatia” (“Lovers’ rest”)


After a day of running around the seaside resort town of Mahavelona with their photographer friend Ando to fill out Mijoro’s modelling portfolio, Mijoro and Onja finally manage retire to their bungalow to enjoy what this vacation was really for.

#ErkhyanArt #Art_NSFW

Wondering what the main.tf deployment file will transform me into.


so uh...

sexy werewolves...

*claps, cheers, and applause*


okay well i suppose until i can get this figured out

go follow @boltund (that's me)

and @TalonTide (thats Sunny)

consider this a reminder to take your meds and practice some self compassion

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kink shitpost, d/s 

thinking about being overpowered and subdued ;o;

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