Really need to be pushed down on all fours and penetrated...

Fact: children should not be spanked.

Also Fact: consenting adults should be spanked.

NSFW furry art: paws and frotting 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/Mousepaw and @SimonTesla .  I enjoy drawing cute scrabbly mouse paws.

nsfw furry porn!! my fursona with a boner. 

okay. the gryphon thing's grown on me. maybe i'll stay one for a while

hey, did you know that red eyeliner is always a mood?


Thrillers need to titillate, ya gotta learn how to be a pro.

going to film school to learn how to become a director of "erotic thrillers"

Group picture!

Up next: taking individual pictures for tomorrow's shop drop. 😩

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