Anyone know of mastodon instances that are now using whitelist mode?

Are any of these semi-closed communities thriving and healthy?

Curious what folks thoughts are

Calling Masto Admins that are hosting their own hardware:

Do you like having it local?
How do you avoid downtime?
Why are you hosting locally rather than using a VPS in the cloud?

I'm assuming that most of the mastodon instances require approval at this point?

Anyone else getting assaulted with bot registrations again?


Meta, moderation, MAGA 

Anyone else seeing a large increase in the following:

- maga instances
- Christian instances
- bot advertising
- anti-islamic rhetoric

It's concerning. Think it's related to the election or is this our new normal?

Yiffany Jones attorney at raw's choices:

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

Body positivity, LGBTQIA+, Furry, horny on main!

(Currently) A small instance with active moderation.

  • No bigots or hate speech allowed
  • Sex positive
  • Body positive
  • Furry
  • probably some thicc horses
    • (don't need to be thicc to join!)

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