Social interactions (-) 


I think I was blocked by a friend on telegram.

I'm so confused. I try really hard to be polite and careful with my words. I don't understand what I did wrong.

It's totally within their right to block/unfriend me. I just wish I knew what went wrong???

Y'all would tell me if I was being an ass, right?

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re: Social interactions (-) 

@iama I don't have a lotta context for your specific case, but I've been fucked up all week because someone dear to me blocked me, then seems to have pressured all hir friends to block me and oust me from their servers as well, all without a word, except at the very start of it sie said, "<petname>, I don't think this is working out."
I don't know why people are like this.

re: Social interactions (-) 


Oh no! That's terrible 😔


re: Social interactions (-) 

@iama It definitely fuckin' sucks. I don't know why people are like this. What did I do wrong? I ask myself. So that I can just not do that next time, maybe. *shrugs*
Nothing for it I guess.

re: Social interactions (-) 


Yeah, if they told me they were uncomfortable or hurt by something I have done I would apologize and make an attempt to be better.

Hahaha I guess I'll just (not by choice) fixate on every possible interpretation of our past conversations and how they may be misinterpreted.


Social interactions (-) 

@iama I think some people are just that conflict averse, where blocking someone is just less stressful than having a normal human conversation. I think it happens to everyone eventually. We all love you though.

Social interactions (-) 


Thank you, that's very kind ❤️

Social interactions (-) 

@iama I'm really sorry that happened to you :c
I would tell you if I found something you said to me to be problematic or unacceptable, and I'd try to work it out with you before blocking.

Social interactions (-) 

@iama I would try to talk it out first. That sucks that happened to you and that you were treated like that. :blobcatheart:

Social interactions (-) 

@rainacapybara @HypnoDrooling

Thanks y'all, I appreciate it!

Luckily the rest of my day has been pretty awesome socially!

Social interactions (-) 

@iama @HypnoDrooling I'm really happy to hear that. 💜

Social interactions (-) 

@iama :hug:


Thankies ❤️

How are you? You feeling better?

@iama I'm still suffering from depression and no doctor can tell me how long it lasts.
I'm really hanging in there and I found a spot where I am comfortable with my illness. I also get lots of help from my family so that's nice

@taurus yeah, that makes sense. I'm sorry we haven't talked much, I've been thinking about you often. I'm glad you're hanging in there and that you have folks supporting you. ❤️

@iama :ms_heart_eyes: :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

It's great that you asked.
things feel pretty "stable" right now. I am not waiting for any doctors et cetera. I am not waiting for anything.

I had my first manic episode and being depressed afterwards for a while is completely normal.

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