Hey folks!

Quick announcement:

Thicc.Horse is open to new users!

We're looking for lovely creatures that need an adult space to explore themselves and share the things they love!

Lewd not rude!
Horny on main!

❤️ Sex positive
❤️ Body positive
❤️ Furry

We've got room right now! Please boost and share with folks that may be interested!

Heads up! The invite link had been deactivated. We are still happily accepting registration applications at!

If you are interested, feel free to apply!

@iama I guess if I'm going to make an AD account it'll be over here lol


Hahaha im obviously biased but it's a pretty cool place!

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Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

Body positivity, LGBTQIA+, Furry, horny on main!

(Currently) A small instance with active moderation.

  • No bigots or hate speech allowed
  • Sex positive
  • Body positive
  • Furry
  • probably some thicc horses
    • (don't need to be thicc to join!)

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