Lewd adj. 

So uh... Perhaps this is going too far but I've been setting up a digital journal with tag entries for different sexy/kinky activities. I want some data on how often I kink. I think it'd be really interesting to see patterns and gain some insight on when I do what I do and how it makes me feel.

Does anyone else do something similar?

Lewd adj. 

Sex & Kink Journal

Lewd adj. 

It feels a little weird as a concept... But also sounds interesting (and possibly even insightful).

Lewd adj. 

@iama @Lore Weird? Well, isn't this us, anyway?

Lewd adj. 

@iama I started doing that several times and in different levels of detail (from simply keeping a journal about each time I had an orgasm, to recording the exact modes of penetration as well as all other relevant techniques involved).
However, after a while I always began to drift into sloppiness, so maybe it's about time (a certain) someone applies the right amount of pressure so I won't (dare to) forget keeping my records up to date at all times. 😉

Lewd adj. 

@iama After some amazing and intense sex it's sometimes hard for me to remember how many times I actually came and how long the whole thing lasted, among other things ...
After all, there's a reason why "banging out someone's brain" has become an idiom, right?
Since I missed your poll: yes, good idea, definitely!
From what I understand, we're still living in the information age, you know!

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