Calling Masto Admins that are hosting their own hardware:

Do you like having it local?
How do you avoid downtime?
Why are you hosting locally rather than using a VPS in the cloud?

@iama I prefer it in a colocation centre, it's just a personal machine so I don't worry about downtime much, and 'cause it was cheaper in the long run given how many VMs I run

@iama I don't do it, but I thought about it often, Here are reasons I would switch to local:

The VPS I got here was only 2GB (for very long) and has only 60GB for $12/month.

I also have a server here running that's way more powerful, with huge amount of disk space.

So using that would be cheaper in the end. But other complications (like lag, bigger downtimes, etc) make me stick with a VPS (also got 4GB ram there now, which helps a ton)

#mastoadmin answer 

a) I love having it local, it's really easy to troubleshoot connection issues and such since the machine it's hosted on is in the same house.
b) It's difficult if there's an update, I kinda have to go down. There are ways I could implement getting around that since I use a container host, but it's more complicated than it's worth to me personally.
c) Using a VPS is more expensive, and using a VPS means I have to trust that the provider I'm paying fro to host my instance isn't harvesting any data (IP logs, request logs, any other data on the VPS itself, metrics, etc). Many VPS services also often charge for larger storage, bandwidth, data caps, etc. The cost adds up if you want to do anything other than a single-user instance on a minimal VPS.

I'll conclude with that I already know someone will come by and propose a way to do things differently that invalidates my argument in some single way, but this is how I prefer, and how I've chosen to do things, and why.

#mastoadmin answer 


Thank you for the insightful answer!

I'm sitting here calculating costs of my two mastodon instances and trying to figure out what my long term plans to lower costs and keep everything running cleanly are.


only major downtime I've ever had was when the internet was out for an entire week
it's much cheaper and I get more control

I like everything local, but I do wish I had a better upload speed. I avoid downtime because it's on my home server, which is pretty good about uptime regardless. The reason I host local, besides having complete, iron-fist control over everything, is because it's "free." (Since my server is going to be there and running either way.)

@iama I just have a manageable group of friends on my instance, I mostly did it because I wanted to learn how and I had a decently specced old laptop. I've had downtime for example when I moved and my internet cut out early, so we've had discussions about going to a cloud setup but for now it's working fine since I don't intend on moving again any time soon. I'm hosting a few things myself, a nextcloud, peertube and a website. I just like the freedom of it and I'd have to find a host I trusted.

@iama I think the only real difference for me between hosting and a VPS is that I'm much more familiar with the hosting scenario, and the costs are known and predictable to me.

I'm not too worried about downtime since it's all personal stuff, but tbh the longest outage I've had was when we moved all our furniture around and the server was temporarily on wifi with a weak signal.



I do like having it local. I do backup an encrypted copy of the instance to a cloud provider for paranoia's sake.

Mastodon actually deals with downtime pretty well. Servers of accounts you subscribe to will try to deliver a status to you for up to 25 days before failing (citation needed)

I run everything local, mostly for experience and learning, i just enjoy it.

I'm hosting...basically for myself only.

1. I like having it local 'cause I can access it to fix problems easily.
2. I have no specific provisions against downtime, but I suppose living somewhere with relatively stable power is good?
3. Local hosting is cheaper (just buy the machine once) and my Masto instance isn't something I view as critical infrastructure.

(I'm probably a *really* bad sample for these questions...sorry)

@iama I'm running my mastodon instance in my homelab.

I do like having it local, but I'm the only user on my instance.

Depends what kind of downtime. My instance runs on a 6 node Kubernetes cluster, so I can lose a few nodes and everything will migrate to a different node. Power and connectivity outage is a different issue, but I rarely face issues with those in the first place.


@iama I decided to host it locally purely because I felt Mastodon is a good candidate for running on kubernetes, and I have kubernetes running at home already. Also, I figured I might as well use what I have already instead of paying for yet another VPS/dedicated server/etc

@iama 1. i do not care but this server was going to be running either way so it seems less wasteful to use it 2. i do not because there is basically one other user 3. because otherwise what would the server in the closet be doing

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