I'm assuming that most of the mastodon instances require approval at this point?

Anyone else getting assaulted with bot registrations again?


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@iama we get them intermittently, but they're not overwhelmingly common

I hope most folks require approval by now... 


We were averaging about 30-40 per week on ✨plush✨ city for a while there; most of them had single-word reason statements but a few of them had taken the time to write out a generic excuse like "looking for more socialization" which stand out easily in an instance like ours, but probably wouldn't on most...

This is a serious problem for the fediverse IMHO- the distributed model makes it extremely hard to keep these folks from gaining a foothold.

@mawr @iama Run some of their IPs (if you can see them?) on and see if they are listed, could probably use that as a basis for automatically denying them?


Yeah this is basically why I’ve moved to “ask me or someone on my instance for an invite code” these days. Got sick of going through the spam registration attempts.

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