NSFW Talk 

The power of imagination can be so strong. Sometimes I'm laying on bed waiting for sleep, start to think about my dildos, about the ones I didn't overcome yet, and imagine them finally fully popping inside of me~ it is a great feeling, builds so much expectation for me to claim one after the other. It makes me so fucking horny. It is at times like these that I wish I had a domme to mock me and tease me, perhaps hump me a little, or simply demand my ass even if it's so late

Didn't make it in time for January 1st, but this being the actual chinese new year day, it counts, doesn't it?

Drawing my favorite rabbit for the year of the rabbit~ hope you enjoy!

#SummerWars #KingKazuma #ChineseNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #Furry #FurryArt #DigitalArt

NSFW IRL - Dildo 

This is not only a huge boy, but also a very HARD one. All of my toys are on medium firmness, but for my robot toy I had to try out a hard one. And damn it feels so fucking good. With it's whole shaft full of details, you can feel each one uncomfortably going through your ass on each thrust. Sadly it will take a while before I take on the knot, my body just starts begging for mercy. I might buy a smaller one just to teach it to shut up not a

After a long holiday break, I'm finally back home. Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day~

NSFW Talk 

A friend suggested me to buy a dildo based on his sona, and while I don't have the money to spend so carefreely on something so expensive, the mere suggestion was one of the hottest things I heard in a while

NSFW Talk - Pegging 

Saw this massive pegging post on Twitter with so much people sharing it and I'm here all thinking about when will I meet a sweet local girl who happens to enjoy destroying other people's assholes

Time to draw my sona a little. Gotta look like a sexy bottom for any girls who might be interested~

NSFW Talk 

Hello! I'm Hetore, a bat! I'm continuing this from my SFW account @hetore@meow.social so don't be creeped by my being so NSFW lol. I'm a 29 male who, for a long time thought was gay. Recently though I learned that I'm surprisingly straight, despite being a complete bottom! Searching online, I didn't find a lot of pegging content, so I'm trying to fix that. You can expect some art with huge dicks from me, as well as an occasional irl pic with my XL dildos, all with proper CW of course!

NSFW IRL - Dildo 

My new boy who recently arrived~ gonna be a pretty fun challenge I expect to overcome pretty soon~

Guess it might be time for a proper #introduction . I'm Hetore, a bat! I'm a 29, male, single and am talking from Brazil 🇧🇷. My main thing is video games, I currently work making them at a big video game company. My free time is also spent on them, I love some Japanese games such as Persona and Pokemon. Despite saying that, nowadays I'm much more of a Digimon fan. Other than that, I spend a lot of time making art, both SFW and NSFW. I also have a kinky side you can follow on @hetore@thicc.horse #furry #bats

NSFW Furry Art 

My rabbit girl talking a very hot shower~ would you take on that heat to give her a hand~?

NSFW talk 

Created this account 2 days ago and was looking forward to start using it, but instead my belly hurt the whole day until now

Take this as a reminder to wash your new dildos when they arrive before using them if you wanna avoid a bacteria infection

Nsfw, pegging, yiff, straight, femdom, femboy, strapon, 

I think there should be more pegging, so here’s another piece I did for my fiancé and I a while ago! LADIES, PEG YO MAN. ITS GREAT. 😤
#furry #furryart #digitalart #nsfw #pegging #yiff #straightyiff #femdom #femboy #strapon #art #drawing #procreate

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