Oh to be cute and live a little life with my little ears and little tail. And also to get pounded on the regular. I

horny on main, not a good joke 

So this has definitely been done before but like

Somebody come rawr me#

I fucking hit post limit on tumblr today and not to say something is cringe but. Damn me. choices

@iama also (sorry idk how mastadon works so sorry but just you're a sweetheart and it means a lot)

Going to the mental health store anyone want some mental health

I can't belive im nonironically thinking about about making a fursona again

under communism the catgirls in the polycule will take turns being top for the week on a rotating basis

completed pride icon for @ouroboros

kobolds are so much fun to draw no wonder they're popping up everywhere!

i'm still open for these for $20! dm if interested

Drug use 

Do you ever just get stupid high and want nothing more than to have cute ears and a tail and a catgirl gf. Because you should try it sometime.

I just wanna have a cute pair of dog ears for improved head pats is that really so much to ask??

I had almost forgotten how much being away from my girlfriend just absolutley wrecks my sleep schedule.

pol and lewd 

Apparently I only have two moods, and its "Thirsty for Socialist Revolution" and "Thirsty for Socialist Dicks"

Not to open this whole thing up with a boring cliche but

Hewwo World!

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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