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graphic sex 

Looking forward to initiating "Sex Party Saturday" tonight.

We usually start off with a little 69. Nothing beats having my dick enthusiastically sucked while eating pussy and squeezing ass!

And she finally came around! (no pun intended).

Sex is always super hot after a long break. Too bad I had like 7 margaritas before we started!

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Trying not to bug my wife for sex to see how long it takes her to want to start something.

Problem is, I'm really horny :ms_demon: :ms_bone:

filthy limerick 

My girlfriend was trying to get thinner
She drank just margaritas for dinner
Now her cunt, when I there go
Tastes of lime-juice and cuervo
And her ass tastes of salt when I rim her.

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Setting up this alt specifically for my lewd side.

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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