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We're the Certified System! (it/they). We live in Aotearoa NZ. We mostly just plan to use this account to get a bit lewd, but our other accounts are linked to on our profile if u wanna have a squizz.

The system is pretty mixed human/nonhuman, and the body is going thru 2nd puberty.

We suspect the members most likely to use this will be Rose (chestnut draft horse, nongendered, it/its), Damien (white skinny human, male, he/him) and Lava Hyena (volcanic rock hyena, male, He/Him)


I like things in my mouth a lot

So i just kinda

What if

A few days or a week of 'denial' / not touching my junk

But still putting things in my mouth when I'm horny

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Goddamn this brain of mine, coming up with.... ideas

lewd, kinks, hypothetical injuries 

1. The sorts of things that would risk dislocating a jaw if done in real life, like stuffing two dicks/straps (or one of each) in our mouth, or someone's entire hand/paw

2. The ability to (at least kind of) breathe around a dick/strap that's down our throat, 'cause we're not thaat into breathplay stuff and we like the idea of that not being such an issue/concern

3. just. Generally indestructible throat so we don't have to worry about damaging it

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lewd, kink?, injuries maybe? 

We saw one of those posts like "send me a number and I'll answer the corresponding question" things on tumblr and one of the questions was like "what sorts of sexual / kink things would you engage in if your body was indestructible?"

And idk why we keep thinking about this [d: you know why] (heh, yea) but. We definitely have some answers.

They involve oral things. Who woulda thought? (We all woulda thought.)

trans, body, vaguely lewd?, ~ 

We have been thinking about our body lately. It's always looked good but now it's *ours* and it fits and it's right and we kinda just wanna admire it a bunch. And touch it a bunch.

Or, even better, have someone in dirtspace touch it and admire it a bunch.

But also. We have like two critters we would want doing that and neither are anyway near available for doing that.

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mild lewd 

Y'know when u just rly wanna lay back and have someone on top of you heavily make out with u

kink meta, terminology of ds/sm, opinions 

We think people are increasingly equating sadism with dominance, and masochism with submission.

We don't like that. Why broaden one pair of terms to include concepts we /already/ have perfectly good words for.

When they're equated like that it makes it seem like one can't be a sub and a sadist, or a dom and a masochist. It makes it seem like /just because/ someone is into s&m, they must also be into d&s. They can be; they don't have to be.

mild lewd 

Y'know when u just rly wanna lay back and have someone on top of you heavily make out with u

lewd, whinge 

I'm too tired to be horny yet i am kinda horny anyway

pers, kink talk, 

Anyway this has been a tmi ramble from yours truly

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pers, kink talk, d/s, 

I was gonna say that this is coming from this morning's fantasy and why, but idk how to explain the "why" properly.

I guess it had a roughness i liked with lot more consideration and care than i used to include in fantasy, even just a few months ago. But that also kinda implies d/s can't have that, and that's not true.


And it's also nice that I've got a real person that i can fantasise about without feeling bad or guilty for fantasising about them.

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pers, kink talk, d/s, trans/dysphoria 

*with the exception of like, one scenario in particular. Debateably two, but the other is also as much or more a headmate's fantasy than mine.

[Also i am rose talking, for reference]

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pers, kink talk, d/s, trans/dysphoria 

And the little bit of d/s type dynamic i do still have in fantasy is.... idk, very light and casual*, and maybe even better described as being a top/bottom dynamic (especially the case when i consider more a 'realistic' scenario)

And im pretty sure half of the subbiness / bottomness that's left is just anxiety around sex that developed because of how dysphoria messed with sexuality and, even more, how *not knowing what the problem was* messed me up there.

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pers, kink talk, d/s, trans/dysphoria 

We were also a lot more into rough or violent fantasy before we recognised that we had dysphoria that affected our sexuality.

('cause fun fact! Trans neithers can have broad and general body dysphoria, not just over specific traits! We can also have genital dysphoria - like, actual dysphoria, as opposed to just "i want this sort of genital")

And it's all eased off a bit since recognising that, and moreso since transitoning, and i am mostly glad for that.

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pers, kink talk, d/s 

We've sorta noticed a couple of times over the past few years how as I've gotten more self-assured and generally just grown, i've been less into d/s dynamics.

I just kinda realised now just how much that's changed. I'm still into it a little, but... yeah. Idk. And i think my approach to it has changed as well.

sex, adhd meds 

Anyway can confirm, masturbation is better on meds because we can actually kinda focus on a fantasy instead of jumping between thinking of a fantasy, and oh-yeah-i-gotta-do-this-tomorrow, and what should i ask mum for for christmas, and wait, what, this isn't sexy, what were we fantasising about again?

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sex, ace feels 

that feeling when you kinda want to be horny but you don't want to bother being horny

lewd, whinge 

Unfortunately, i do not know many other transes in dirtspace, even fewer in my city, even fewer still that i would know well enough to be comfortable fucking.

But i /really/ wanna.


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Okay but. Just. Hear me out.

Clearly the best way to celebrate my recently-developing nonbinary sexuality is to fuck other transes.

vague lewd, body functions 

Am i horny or do i kinda need to pee?

(Both, probably.)

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