I love how my smooth, tight balls make it look like I have a knot.

Male butt, fantasy dildo, anal penetration 

Riding my Rodent of Unusual Girth from Tail Labs. It's a long, tapered dildo that starts out easy but really stretches you out as it slides in.

Nudity, sex toy, erection 

My first post here, so let me introduce myself.

This is my "After Dark" account. I have another account that I keep strictly separate.

I'm omnisexual and enjoy all kinds of bodies. I love sucking cock, eating pussy, rimming ass, and taking dicks up my butt. Preferably several of these at once.

I shave everywhere and I love having a dolphin-smooth body.

I'm a nudist and exhibitionist. Boosting my photos is a great way to make me horny.

Thicc Horse

THICC.HORSE -- Lewd not rude!

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