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nsfw selfies, if we're mutuals u should boost this 

hey look it's my tits

sorry for covering my face i haven't shaved in a bit and i got dysphoria

i still got gr8 tits tho

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True story, I'm watching a Youtuber do a reaction video to An American Tail and the following events took place.

Fieval's dad: ... and there are no cats in America.

Youtuber: Are there? I feel like at this point in the story, there has to be. Everyone's just going to be so shocked.

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Characters on the screen: *singing 'Somewhere Out There'*

Youtuber: I don't love this song, but the message is amazing.

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on another note, this movie is as terrifying as I remember

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poison your mind and body
i'm asbestos
if you see somebody
with dyed hair
who smells like weed
and does not care
and they listen to snare
that’s how you know that
they infected with that
new world order
no more gods

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