...and the answer is always "Yaaas, Kween. Serve them ALL that cake!" 😜

Do you like to read? and if so, what are your favorite books? Are there any that you go back and read again and again and again? I'll go first: 3 favorite books - Dune, by Frank Herbert; Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand by Samuel Delany and In Conquest Born by C. S. Friedman. I routinely go back and re-read those books. I skew to Science Fiction, in general.

Everyone currently (or soon to be) in DC for MAL, feel free to send me pics! I was unable to go this year and am SO missing it! I need to see nakedness! 🐽🍑🍆💦

NSFW nudity 

"Penny for your thoughts" "Oh, he's gonna cost more than that."

Forecast is for 76° on Christmas Day. Guess we'll have to settle for a white jockstrap Christmas. I ain't mad at it!

Don't be this girl. Take care of your sexual health. ...and keep being the total whore you are. I can't do it alone! <3

Just a reminder… Be yourself. Others may come along for the ride, but this is YOUR journey.

nudity, male ass, sexually provocative 

"There is no was a single image can capture the core of my being...." Nevermind.

It's raining in San Diego and rain always makes me melancholy, so let's trip down memory lane. What are some of your favorite places that used to be 🔥 that are no longer? I'll go first:
Chicago: Deeks and Eagle
San Francisco: My Place

You wanna know me? Then listen to my music. Today's ear worm is Everything Black by Unlike Pluto featuring Mike Taylor. youtube.com/watch?v=mWKDZRJWdF

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