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Hello there!

I'm writing this from my newly created AD account. Right now, I'm mostly a newbie in the world of sex & kink, but I am fond of , being a , and learning more about and (any help and resources appreciated btw ^^;)

This account will mostly be of lewd ramblings, as well as just a general adult space for me. I hope to explore and have a bit of fun

Nice to meet you all!

the sad thing is that the old website i used to go to for making custom error messages shut down unexpectedly sometime last year

also im not funny

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NSFW art, M solo 

Cantio's all tuckered out from being very good at basketball

NSFW: Furry Porn~ 

Bun just can't keep control of himself... good thing someone else is pushing the buttons~

I've been horny for the first time in 3 days which still feels like an eternity.

Lewd, kink (hypno) 

I heard that #MaidDressMonday was a thing? Art by collectiveexperience on FA

I had two glasses of good ass wine today and I'm already drunk. I'm a lightweight, but at least I'm a cute lightweight hehe

hypno, suggestive 

obscure furry crushes with hypno powers go brrrr @_@ here's Milady de Winter trancing Carrow! art by LouRaccoon on twt :3

Masto isn't perfect by any means, but goddamn is the environment and setting something I've been craving for a long time now.

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Real talk, I find it really comforting that I'm able to comfortably talk about kink/adult subjects here.

I really don't know if I would have ever been comfortable making a public AD account on birdsite (as I used a private, locked account to favorite my favorite adult material there for the longest of time), but the decently curated spaces here on Masto make it much more appealing to not only openly talk about it, but even get advice on adult subjects.

not so much hypnosis musings 

I also love tails. Not the character, the appendage, y'know hehe

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Hypnosis musings 

If you manage to hypnotize me with your tail, then I will instantly fall under your command and no I will not elaborate.

NSFW Furry Art (Cis Fem, Xmas Pinup, Nude) 

Well and truly time to open your gifts!

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